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Things about me
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My name comes from the Usenet group alt.1d. I was present at its creation, and posted for the first time to that group . . . many years ago.

(Note: I have no clear association with Id10t)

You could say that I am one-dimensional, but you'd be wrong.

Areas of interest[edit]

Contemporary Christian music, mathematics, philosophy

Stub-making list[edit]

Anointed (CCM/soul group)
US ambassadors to Latin America

Stub-expansion list[edit]

Western Technical College
Jessy Dixon discography
Change categories to Christian songwriter, and/or Christian singer, with name attached

Other to-do[edit]

Update GMA awards
Billboard charts for:
Building 429
Casting Crowns
Third Day
Jaci Velasquez
NPOV on "Rule of law"
Editing "Young Earth Creationism"
Disambiguation of "Our Daily Bread"
Expansion of Frank Peretti
Expansion of Andrae Crouch, discography
Links on "New artist of the year, Dove Awards"
Misspelled "Andrae Crouch"
Reference to persecution on "Diocletian"
Add "division by zero" information to "-0"; look for other references in computing, and add them to "division by zero"
Editing "randomness"
Check Billboard ranking on VeggieTunes