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I am a Wikipedia editor whose main field of interest is in information technology, physics, chemistry and biology.

Software used[edit]

I normally try to use free and open-source software, like Mozilla Firefox, VLC media player and Ubuntu (sometimes). However, since Microsoft dominates the market, I still have to use Windows XP, along with some Microsoft software.

Favourite articles[edit]

My favourite articles on Wikipedia are as follows:


Physics|Gravitation|Electromagnetism|Magnetism|Faraday's law of induction


Chemistry|Periodic table|Benzene|Toluene|Prismane|Trinitrotoluene|Phenol|Uranium


Pythagorean Theorem|Square root of two|Pi|Heron's formula|Numerical stability


Mac OS X|Internet Explorer|Personal computer|Microsoft|Microsoft Windows|Computer virus|Computer worm|Conficker|VLC media player|Google|Mozilla Firefox|Google Chrome|Google Chrome OS|Linux|Linux malware|List of linux distributions|Debian|Ubuntu|Knoppix|Redhat|Comparison of Windows and Linux|Gnome|K Desktop Environment|LXDE|Ksplice|Su (Unix)|Sudo|Acid1|Acid2|Acid3|W3C|HTML|XML|XHTML|SVG|MathML

Sports and Games[edit]

Cricket|Football|Association football|Chess|First-move advantage in chess