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Hi, viewers, if you want to send a message, then please go to my talk page, and if you don't, read on! You might have guessed, I'm a Star Wars freak, but I don't like Wookiepedia because it seems so hypocritical to Wikipedia, so I have finally given up, deleted my account and moved here.

A Little Bit about Me[edit]

I like Star Wars, I am in the Sixth Grade (Upper), do not have a phone, live in London and own a bike. I am very proud of that bicycle. End of rant. Oh, did I mention? I like Star Wars. My favourite Star Wars character is Jacen Solo A.K.A Darth Caedus, because he's so tragic (Sniffle!). I also like Ben Skywalker and Mara Jade. Mara Jade is cool.


I am also on the Teahouse, as a guest. If anyone else who is a Star Wars freak so much that they spend their entire day from morning shower to school to nighttime yawns in an imagined world of if only Star Wars style, then come have a conversation with me.


I just got 1199683701382 in the Wikipedia:Wikipediholism test and 5 elite. Does that mean I'm good? I've been on the Wiki with an account for two days, and I've been using the Wiki since I was 7.

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