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Emily Dunne was born on March 6th 1985 in Boston, Massachusetts. She attended Boston Latin School.

Following BLS, Emily attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 2009. She participated in the five year dual degree program, double majoring in fine arts and interior architecture.

Emily is currently pursuing a master of architecture degree with a concentration in real estate development at the Catholic University of America. She is a member of the MArch III class.

Emily's past activities include internships at TK&A assisting with the Fairview Children's Hospital, Brandeis University, Fordham University, and the Duke University Cancer Treatment Facility Projects. In Fall '08 she served on the design management board for building a biodiesel automobile called Coda with Brown engineers and RISD industrial designers, She also served as the project manager of the set design team for Brown Opera Productions Orphee and Eurydice in March '08. She recently finished her term as the '09 Brown University Chorus president.