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"‎The problem with defending the purity of the English language is that English is about as pure as a dockside whore. We don't just borrow some words; on occasions, English has pursued other languages down dark alleyways to beat them unconscious and rifle their pockets for new vocabulary and grammar."
When I die can I please have Charlie Sheen's life flash before my eyes?
George W Bush's presidential library was destroyed by fire yesterday. Sadly, both books were destroyed and he hadn't even finished colouring in the second one.

About me...
This editor is a
Veteran Editor II
and is entitled to display this
Bronze Editor Star.
  • Ride Driver at Barry Island Pleasure Park, 1964 - 1967. (During weekends and school holidays)
  • Refuse Collector & Sewer Rat Exterminator for Penarth Urban District Council, 1967. (Whilst waiting for a Civil Service placement)
  • Tax Officer for HM Inspector of Taxes Public Department 5, Ty Glas, Llanishen, Cardiff, 1967 - 1969
  • Part-time staff 'Rock Music Correspondent' for Axis Magazine, 1968 - 1969
  • Part-time 'Post Observer', Royal Observer Corps, 1965 - 1979 (Penarth Post 65-75, Llanishen Post 75-79)
  • Vice Chairman West Keal Parish Council 1993 - 2001,
  • Secretary West Keal Parish Charity Commissioners 1998 - 2001
  • Car 'Sales Executive', Sandicliffe (Ford) Motors Boston, 1994 - 1995
  • Financial Planning Consultant and Mortgage Broker, J Rothschild Assurance, 1995 - 2001
  • Following the 20 year sabbatical working in the real world, recommenced playing bass and singing in various amateur Lincolnshire based cabaret/pub rock bands, 1995 - 2005; Backtrackin', Deja Vu, Count me Out, Ring of Gold and Crimson Ice
  • 'Band Manager' for two young rock bands from Lincolnshire: Glass Onion and The Past
  • Mortgage Adviser, Agency Mortgage Services Ltd, Leicester 2001 - 2005
  • Suffered three strokes and medically retired 2005
  • 'President' UCLA Renegades Junior American Football Club, 1996 - 2000
  • 'Manager' Great Britain Knights Junior American Football International Squad 1996, (Helsinki, Finland, silver medalists)
  • 'Chairman' Junior Gridiron League of Great Britain 1996 - 1997
  • Qualified 'Game Official' with British American Football Referees' Association 1998 - 2004
  • Divorced, with two grown up children and three grandchildren.
  • Currently writing my autobiography.
  • Have now assisted in raising four articles to GA status and twelve other wikipedia articles from stub or start status to at least B class or even higher, had one article included in "Did you know?" and completed 13,250 edits. (There are over 850 pages on my "watchlist").
  • email address:
Countries visited

Flag of England.svg . Flag of Wales (1959–present).svg . Flag of Ulster.svg . Flag of Ireland.svg . Flag of Scotland.svg . Flag of Norway.svg . Flag of Finland.svg . Isle of Wight Council Flag.svg . Flag of Germany.svg . Flag of the Netherlands.svg . Flag of Luxembourg.svg . Flag of Belgium.svg . Flag of France.svg . Flag of Switzerland.svg . Flag of Italy.svg . Civil Ensign of Malta.svg . Flag of the Isle of Mann.svg . Flag of Liechtenstein.svg . Flag of the Vatican City.svg . Flag of the United States.svg

Recognitions by fellow wikipedia editors
Thank you for your edit on Margate. --{{123Pie
Tireless Contributor Barnstar.gif The Tireless Contributor Barnstar
For your work on creating and editing many excellent articles, especially those about schools in your area. Deadly∀ssassin 20:26, 19 October 2008 (UTC)

Royal Observer Corps Medal.jpg
Royal Observer Corps Medal

Aircraft types I have flown in

Vehicles I have owned

Wiki pages worked on, contributed to, amended or in progress:

RAF Digby - expanded a stub entry to a full article

RAF Folkingham - expanded and corrected entry

RAF Ludford Magna - expanded and corrected page

RAF Coleby Grange - created and expanded page

RAF Harlaxton - created and expanded page

RAF Alma Park - created and expanded page

RAF Belton Park - created and expanded page

RAF Metheringham - created and expanded page

RAF Anwick - created and expanded page

RAF Cammeringham - created and expanded page

Paul Barrett - created and expanded page

Civilian Technical Corps - expanded article

Operational instruments of the Royal Observer Corps - created and expanded page

List of people associated with Penarth - created and expanded page

Rednal - expanded a short stub to a full article

Bilberry Hill - created and expanded

Aircraft recognition - added ROC section

Lickey Hills Country Park - expanded a stub to a full entry

OPEVAL - created and expanded article

Skywatch march - created and expanded article

Cound - expanded a two paragraph stub to a full article

Condover - expanded a stub to a full article

Condover Hall - expanded a stub to a full article

RAF Condover - created and expanded page

Cound Brook - created and expanded page

John A. Newton - created page from a red link at Boston Grammar School

Excell International School - created and expanded article

Jimmy Edwards - reoganised paragraphs and headings, corrected punctuation and added information

Big Bad Mouse - created and expanded page

Raymond Offord - created and expanded page

Cathcart Wight-Boycott - created and expanded page

Cofton Hackett - reorganised entry and expanded from a stub to a full article

Finlay Crerar - created and developed page

Geoffrey Ambler - created and developed page

John Herbert Thomas Simpson - created and developed page

John Mortimer Warfield - created and developed page

Gordon Herbert Vasse - created and developed page

John F. G. Howe - created and developed page

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - rebuilt the page after a previous version was deleted for copyvio

RAF Hemswell - expanded a three line stub to a full article

Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School, Horncastle - reformatted page and improved content

Air Marshal Sir Richard Jordan - created and developed page

Bomb Power Indicator - generated and expanded article

Paddy Bandon - added ROC connections and tripled size of article

Ground Zero Indicator - generated and expanded article

Atomic Weapons Detection Recognition and Estimation of Yield - created and improved AWDREY article

Radyr - Complete rebuild and reorganisation

Radyr Comprehensive School - reorganisation, info box and additions

Serious Charge - created and expanded

Cliff Spink - created and started

Village Pound - created and started

Barbarian F.C. - minor additions

Guy Gibson - added several entries

Francis Willis - greatly expanded content

Major General Edward 'Splash' Ashmore - expanded content

Derek Wood = expanded content

Alfred Warrington-Morris - sourced and built entire entry

Edward Masterman - expanded article

Defensively Equipped Merchant Ships - added ROC section

Public House - added section on beer houses

Keal Cotes - built entire item from a two line stub

Glamorganshire Golf Club - sourced and built entire entry

Westbourne House School Penarth - major reorganisation and additions

Woodhouse Grove School - redesign and expansion

Firsby - total rebuild and major additions

Spilsby - total rebuild and major additions

Colin McCormack - sourced and built entire entry

Claudia Winkleman - deleting regular vandalism

King Edward VI School, Spilsby - created and built page

Skegness Grammar School - completely rebuilt the page

Stanwell School - in progress rewrite

Dinas Powys - major reoganisation and expansion

RAC plc - expanded history

Dolly Parton - minor amendments and deleting frequent vandalisms

Ray Smith (actor) - expanded article

Lisvane - some additions, added Demographics, reoganised layout and added references

Bomere Pool - created and built page

Hiroshima - minor corrections and deleted daily vandalisms

Little Boy - minor corrections and deleted daily vandalisms

Fat Man - minor corrections and deleted daily vandalisms

Dingle Road railway station - tidied up language and grammar

Ian Lavender - minor addition

Bournville school - total compilation

Bournville - added Rowheath paragraph and deleted vandalisms

Victoria Park, Cardiff - rearranged layout, added history detail

Canton, Cardiff - added history section

Shrewsbury - added several paragraphs

Bayston Hill - major amendments, additions and reorganisation

United Kingdom Warning and Monitoring Organisation - major narrative additions

Eric Lock - major narrative contribution

Barry Island Pleasure Park - major narrative contribution

Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach - added rollercoaster paragraph

Penarth RFC - complete build

Penarth - minor corrections and additions, deleted regular vandalisms

Penarth railway station - amended and added history

Lavernock - major additions and reorganisation

Sully, Vale of Glamorgan - major additions and reorganisation

Sully Island - added several paragraphs

Cosmeston Park - added background history

Cosmeston Medieval Village - total rebuild and rewrite

Marilu Henner - amendments and redesign, reversed several vandalisms

Johnny Johnson and the Bandwagon - minor amendments (subsequently deleted by an editor)

Austin Matthews - added Penarth RFC link paragraph

ASTMS - added McKechnie paragraph

RAF Carlisle - complete rebuild and rewrite

Shakin' Stevens - major reorganisation and corrections to the article, deleted repeated vandalisms

Dave Edmunds - Added several paragraphs

Carol Vorderman - added a missing TV show to her career details, deleted regular vandalisms

Royal Observer Corps - dismantled a small article and expanded it to far too big, needs splitting (manyana)

Goosnargh - added ROC/UKWMO section

Options for Change - minor additions

Four Minute Warning - minor corrections

Style and prose checklist
  • The lead should adequately summarize the content of the article. (GA criteria)
  • There should not be anything in the lead not mentioned in the rest of the article. (GA criteria)
  • Wikilinks should only be made if they are relevant to the context. Common words do not need wikilinking.
  • A word only needs to be wikilinked once within each section.
  • Links within quotations should be avoided.
  • Logical quotation should be used, i.e. final punctuation belongs outside the quote marks, unless the punctuation is part of the quote and the quote is not a sentence fragment.
  • Only full dates or dates with a day and a month should be linked. The same applies to dates in the footnotes.
  • External links only belong in the External links section.
  • It is recommended not to specify the size of images. The sizes should be what readers have specified in their user preferences.
  • Text should not be sandwiched between two adjacent images. (GA criteria)
  • Left-aligned images should not be placed at the start of subsections.
  • All fair-use images need a fair use rationale. (GA criteria)
  • Images need succinct captions. (GA criteria)
  • An image caption should only end with a full-stop if it forms a complete sentence. (GA criteria)
  • Statements that are likely to be challenged and statistics need inline citations. (GA criteria)
  • Book references need the author, publishing date and page number. (GA criteria)
  • Book references preferably should include the publisher, city of publication and ISBN.
  • Web references need the author, publisher, publishing date and access date. (GA criteria)
  • Web references preferably should include the language (if not English) and format (if not HTTP).
  • References should be consistently formatted, eg. consistent author format, abbreviations for "page number", etc.
  • Blogs and personal websites are not reliable sources, unless written by the subject of the article or by an expert on the subject. (GA criteria)
  • Dead web references should not be removed, unless replaced.
  • Inline citations belong immediately after punctuation marks. (GA criteria)
  • Portal links belong in the "See also" section. (GA criteria)
  • "Further info" links belong at the top of sections. (GA criteria)
  • Lists should only be included if they can't be made into prose or their own article. (GA criteria)
  • Lists within prose should be avoided. (GA criteria)
  • Rather than hyphens, en dashes should be used for ranges, eg. 5–10 years, and unspaced em dashes or spaced en dashes should be used for punctuation, eg. The building—now disused—was built in 1820.
  • Page ranges in the footnotes, and sports scores should use en dashes.
  • " " (non-breaking space) should be typed between numbers and units, and other numerical/non-numerical components, e.g., "10 miles", "Boeing 747"
  • Imperial measurements should be accompanied by the metric equivalent in brackets, and vice versa. If possible, use a convertion template, eg. {{convert|5|mi|km|0}}.
  • Whole numbers under 10 should be spelled out as words, except when in lists, tables or infoboxes.
  • Sentences should not start with a numeral. The sentence should be recast or the number should be spelled out.
  • Only the first word in a section heading needs a capital letter (except in proper nouns).
  • Short sections and paragraphs are discouraged. (GA criteria)
  • Ampersands should not be used (except when in a name, eg., Marks & Spencer)
  • "Last few years" has ambiguous meaning; "past few years" is preferable in some contexts.
  • "Within" has a different meaning to "in". "Within" should only be used when emphasing that something is inside something, eg. "the town is in the county", "the town is within the county boundaries"
  • Periods and spaces are needed after initials in people's names, e.g., P. G. Wodehouse
  • Compound adjectives need hyphens.
  • A hyphen shouldn't be placed after an -ly word if it is an adverb, e,g., widely used word; except if the -ly word could be mistaken for an adjective, e.g., friendly-looking man.
  • "Century" doesn't need a capital, e.g., "15th century" rather than "15th Century"
  • "While" should only be used when emphasising that two events occur at the same time, or when emphasising contrast. It shouldn't be used as an additive link.
  • Using "with" as an additive link leads to wordy and awkward prose, e.g. "the town has ten councillors, with one being the district mayor" → "the town has ten councillors; one is the district mayor"
  • Beginning a sentence with "there", when "there" doesn't stand for anything, leads to wordy prose, e.g. There are ten houses in the villageThe village has ten houses. The same applies to "it".
  • The words "current", "recent" & "to date" should be avoided as they become outdated. (GA criteria)
  • Avoid using "not" unnecessarily, eg. "songs previously not heard" → "songs previously unheard"
  • Avoid contractions, such as "can’t", "he's" or "they're".
  • Avoid weasel words, such as "it is believed that", "is widely regarded as", "some have claimed". (GA criteria)
  • Avoid peacock terms, such as "beautiful", "famous", "popular", "well-known", "significant", "important" and "obvious". (GA criteria)
  • Avoid informal words, such as "pub", "though", "tremendous" and "bigger".
  • Avoid vague words, such as "various", "many", "several", "long", "a number of", "just", "very" and "almost".
  • Avoid using overly formal words or wordy phrases, such as "circa", "utilise", "whilst", "upon", "commence", "the majority of", "whereas", "generate", "due to the fact that" and "prior to".
  • Avoid phrases with redundant words, such as "is located in", "the two are both", "they brought along", "they have plans to", "they were all part of", "the last ones to form", "both the towns", "outside of the town", "all of the towns", "received some donations", "still exists today", "it also includes others", "many different towns", "near to the town", "available records show", "to help limit the chance", "christian church", "in order to", "first began", "joined together", "future plans" and "in the year 2007".
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