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This username appears in several different contexts other than Wikipedia, as I use it whenever I can't come up with a more clever username.

I do quite of bit of math and chem, both for academic reasons and in my spare time. They are my favorite subjects and I derive much pleasure just from thinking about challenging, interesting problems. I also love learning languages, and currently I'm tackling Russian, after learning plenty of Spanish and French and failing at Japanese.

Music is one of my great passions, and strangely, I love the mechanical action of playing the piano. Of course, classical music is totally awesome, but I enjoy it even more if I'm able to play it and feel my fingers move swiftly on the keys.

My other significant interests are distance running (20k coming up!), swimming, composing, and making up hypothetical situations for my future. The last item seems strange, but it has gotten me through many boring college lectures.

Random fact: I really want to go to Paris. I'm not sure why, but there just seems like so much to do there, and I love the European culture.

For curious those Myers-Briggs (MBTI) people: I'm an INTJ.

This user has great respect for
Antonín Dvořák.
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