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Sayonara Itsuka
Directed byJohn H. Lee
Produced byMatt Sunghoon Cho
Young S. Hwang
Kang Cheol-Gyu
Jae S. Shim
Written byJohn H. Lee
Hitonari Tsuji (Novel)
StarringMiho Nakayama
Hidetoshi Nishijima
Yuriko Ishida
Masaya Kato
Distributed byAsmik Ace Entertainment
Release date
  • January 23, 2010 (2010-01-23)
Running time
119 minutes
South Korea
Box office$10,817,922[1]

Sayonara Itsuka (サヨナライツカ) is a 2010 Japanese romantic drama film directed by South Korean film maker John H. Lee and starring Miho Nakayama and Hidetoshi Nishijima in leading roles. The film was based on the Japanese novel written by Hitonari Tsuji and was a co-production between South Korea and Japan.[2][3][4]


Higashigaito Yutaka (Hidetoshi Nishijima) is transferred to the Bangkok branch of Eastern Airlines. In three months, he will marry Michiko (Yuriko Ishida), a relative of the airline’s founder, and though he doesn’t love her, he knows he could be CEO one day if they wed. In Thailand, Yutaka meets a girl, (Miho Nakayama) Toko, at a bar and is instantly drawn to her. His relationship with her only intensifies as the wedding date approaches but eventually decides to break up with her to proceed with his wedding. Twenty-five years later, they bump into each other and realize their love for each other remains, but reality pulls them apart once again.


The film opened in Japanese cinemas on January 23rd and in South Korean cinemas on April 15th.[5] In Japan Sayonara Itsuka proved to be quite popular with audiences and ranked fourth at the box office grossing $1,420,057 on 180 screens it's opening weekend.[6] In total the film grossed $10,599,256 and ranked at fiftieth highest grossing film in japan in 2010.[7] In South Korea the film was not as successful opening across 31 screens ranking thirteenth its opening weekend grossing $34,011 grossing a total of $136,265 by the end of it's run.[8][9]


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