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What the bot used to do

What 28bot does


28bot removes edit tests and text resulting from accidental mouse clicks on the editing toolbar (such as [[File:Example.jpg]], '''Bold text''', or ''Italic text'', and leaves a message on the talk page of the user who made the test edits. Depending on the type of edit test found, the bot will either revert the edit, or simply log it here.

  • Task 1: The initial request for approval.
  • Task 4: BRFA for reverting additional types of edit tests, including article space signatures.

What 28bot also does

  • Task 2: Each day 28bot creates a "Category:Wikipedia files missing permission as of (date)" page for the next day.
  • Task 3: Each day 28bot creates a "Portal:Current events/(date)" page ‎for the next day.

Reporting errors

So far the bot has been very well-behaved, but if it does make an error, please let me know by posting on its talk page.

Administrators: feel free to block the bot if it is misbehaving, but if you do, please disable autoblock. The bot can also be disabled by removing the enabled=true line from this page. Unless the bot has gone seriously nuts, please try this before blocking, as it will allow the bot to shut down more cleanly.

Opting out

When 28bot reverts an edit, it leaves a message on the talk page of the editor whose edit was reverted. However, 28bot respects {{nobots}} and similar templates, so if you do not wish to receive notifications from 28bot, you can place {{bots|deny=28bot}} anyplace on your talk page to opt out of receiving messages.

Other test edit bots

The following bots previously cleaned up test edits on Wikipedia, but are no longer active.