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Please see Editing Style and Expertise if you have an objection to or question about one of my contributions.
This page is not very organized when viewed with Mobile View. I welcome suggestions to fix this on my talk page.

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About 2ReinreB2[edit]

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"No matter how many times you save the world, it always manages to get back in jeopardy again. And I mean, sometimes I just want it to stay saved, you know? For a little bit." -- Mr. Incredible, in The Incredibles

I, the user known as 2ReinreB2, joined Wikipedia in February of 2015 after considering creating an account for several years. A MIT Technology Review article entitled "The Decline of Wikipedia" is what finally spurred me to join the community. I'm here because I don't get to write or edit very much in my day-to-day life - which I enjoy - and because I also enjoy helping people better access high-quality information. My other life goal is to find a way to describe oneself in the third- and gender-neutral-persons without sounding like either the Incredible Hulk or British nobility. On that note, this is cool.

I am fluent in American English and semi-fluent in other variants on the English language. I have a good level of reading comprehension in Latin American Spanish, but I am not skilled in writing or speaking. I also understand the NATO phonetic (sometimes called "military phonetic") and Greek alphabets. I occasionally edit the Spanish version of Wikipedia, under the same username (mostly for categorization and structure). As far as programming skills go, I am still pretty new to this whole wikitext thing, but I have done some work with Scratch, Mathematica, NetLogo, Java, and the tiniest bit of Python.

A note on my username: I will respond to "Rei" if you don't feel like typing the whole thing out. : )

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"How frighteningly few are the persons whose death would spoil our appetite and make the world seem empty." - Eric Hoffer 3.14.18

Current Projects[edit]

Rick Riordan Task-Force[edit]

I am the WP:NV coordinator of the Rick Riordan Task-force, a role that I picked up mainly because no one else was willing. I work actively to recruit new members, devise ways to keep current members interested and involved, and improve our project's pages. Although I've mentioned this elsewhere, I want to reiterate that I am most definitely not in-charge - I'm just the most active member at the moment. I want to expand the project so that it can stand on its own, with a diverse group willing to self-police. I'd really like to step down from my leadership-y position, as well as pass the job of Coordinator on to someone else (preferably an interested member of WP:NV), but I don't feel like the project is "active" enough to survive without constant advocacy. I do enjoy helping out, but the quality of my work suffers when I get stretched too thin.

I currently spend most of my time patrolling a watchlist of RRTF articles. My current goals are to write/rewrite the page "Mythology in Rick Riordan's works" and send drafts for all Riordan's new books through AfC (this is a big one).

  • If you'd like to help RRTF, check out the project page, or express your interest on my Talk page. Those places are also good to visit if you'd like the project's or my personal help.
    • Shout out to users Methychroma, Zussman1, and Elizium23 -- they were invaluable in bringing the project to Active Status! My personal thanks to all who're helping to keep it there, as well.
Rick Riordan Task Force
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Current Focus:
Movie and Musical coverage month. Give those other media formats some love! Your incentive: If we get enough participation, a new userbox will be created for other-media editors.
Recent publications:
The Ship of the Dead (October 3, 2017); The Percy Jackson Coloring Book (August 15, 2017); The Burning Maze (May 1, 2018). See for information on upcoming (currently non-notable) books.
Want to help out?
Patrol this watchlist for vandalism and potential new members!
Add this template to your userpage and receive updates! Just add {{Wikipedia:RRTF/Update}}.

The Underland Chronicles[edit]

I have been making an effort over the past year to monitor and copyedit pages related to The Underland Chronicles, with the intention of making them all Good Articles. I'd wanted to get each up for GA review while the WikiCup is in session, but that did not work out. My to-do list for each article goes something like this:

  1. "Plot" section overhaul
  2. Wikilink mentioned characters to List of The Underland Chronicles characters and overhaul their entries
  3. Standardize (I base everything on Gregor the Overlander in format and style.)
  4. References, references everywhere.
  5. Major overhaul of "reception" section
  6. Inform other users (via article talk page) of my edits and plans
  7. Category check
  8. Revise applicable section of The Underland Chronicles
  9. Final personal review
  10. Nominate for Good-Article review! (Or for AfC submission.)
Update: List of The Underland Chronicles characters and The Underland Chronicles edits in progress.
Gregor the Overlander passed GA review! (3/18/16)
Gregor and the Prophecy of Bane edits passed GA review! (3/6/18)
Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods passed GA review! (10/4/16)
Gregor and the Marks of Secret edits at stage 3 (1/5/16)
Gregor and the Code of Claw article draft passed AfC review! (cover art uploaded). (11/27/15)

Ijamsville, MD[edit]

I have done some considerable independent (unrelated to Wikipedia, anyway) research on Ijamsville, MD. Since the Wikipedia article on the topic is somewhat lacking, I've been working to beef it up. Ideally, I'd like to see it become at least as substantial as Urbana, MD. I also acquired a number of original pictures of Ijamsville which I've uploaded to Commons. What I'd really like to do now is contact some real-life organizations about donating some pictures/text/etc. that have to do with modern Ijamsville (since modern Ijamsville is all but invisible to the outside world, I have found). Not entirely sure how to go about that, though. I welcome suggestions on my talk page.

Inheritance Cycle[edit]

List of Inheritance Cycle characters just got dangled over the fiery pit of deletion, so now I'm working to remove anything and everything objectionable. Completely out of free time to do this, but that's how it goes. As always, if you wanna help, reach out!

Editing Style[edit]

In general, I try to use the fewest edits possible -- this means I make "chunk" edits (check out this before and after for an example). Sometimes I follow up a chunk edit with a couple minor ones that fix a link, typo, formatting issue, etc.

My goal is to make articles as brief and clear as possible. In general, I try to defer to the most recent editor rather than impose my own opinion. However, if an added fact is not useful from a broad, out-of-universe perspective, then I will remove it. The article must inform people who aren't already familiar with the topic. I make a lot of reversions these days, but the vast majority only undo vandalism, fandalism, or edit tests.

I am strongly against what I consider "negative editing". This means tearing down other editors' work without making an effort to build it back up again. For example, if I encounter a user or IP who makes a fan edit to a page covered by RRTF, I often invite them to join the task force or offer advice on how to use their knowledge in ways consistent with Wikipedia's guidelines. When I revert someone's edits, I'm always on the lookout for ways to thank them, repurpose their work, or the like.

If you catch a mistake of mine: Please say so on my talk page. I promise to read your message and respond, and I'll usually wait to hear back before editing the article in dispute again. If I thanked your edit: your change improved the quality of an article in a way I could/did not. I appreciate it!

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Contributions & Expertise[edit]

Below I've listed topics about which I have a some sort of useful knowledge -- mostly pages I have already worked on, which makes for a very eclectic list. Any of my contributions not covered below are likely copyedits or added wikilinks to preexisting, randomly-selected pages. If you have problem with such a contribution, please either undo/fix it yourself or request that I do so in my Talk page.

My talk page is also the best place to pose questions about my expertise in any area.

Somewhat Familiar Topics[edit]

I am either interested in and/or have a basic understanding of pages/topics in the following list. I can identify fan edits and vandalism on these pages, but I can not solve disputes over dates, biographical info, or other hard facts.

This editor is a
Journeyman Editor
and is entitled to display this Service Badge.

Highly Familiar Topics[edit]

I am capable of making informed edits to articles in the following list. I also can and will gladly do research or track down references for said articles. (Might take me a little while, but I'll do it.)

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