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About me[edit]

Hey this is me, Daniel "3ICE" Berezvai and I have found Wikipedia in January 2002. However, I did not create an account until 11/22/2007

  • I'm 25.
  • I'm from Hungary.
  • I'm clever, introverted, thorough, and innovative.
  • I speak (prefer to write much more than speak though) English fluently. (Hungarian as well, of course.) I know a little Spanish, German, French, and Finnish (and I can recognize Italian, Polish, Mandarin (Chinese), Arabic, Russian, Vietnamese, Japanese, etc.)
  • I prefer the American way of English. (color/elevator/soccer/flavor/armor) and love archaic / Shakespearean forms of expression. Ye Olde English Shoppe, thou, thy, thine, 'tis, -eth (But only in moderation!)
  • I'm a student at ELTE, majoring in programming. (Currently staying in Finland as part of the Erasmus+ programme.)
  • I run a website named after me, at go check it out!

I like the WP:IAR (Ignore All Rules) policy :)

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