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I'm Tim Wochomurka. My Birthday is 2 March 1987. I don't go to Watkinson School Queen's University Central Connecticut State University Hartford County Fire School.

I'm currently completing a double major in Sociology and Geography taking courses at CCSU working for an un-named fruit and/or computer company bein' a fire fighter counting things for other people (it's a real job, I swear!) working as a contractor for a non-fruit computer company. enjoying some breathing room for a bit.

I live in Kingston, Ontario Simsbury, Connecticut East Windsor, Connecticut Bloomfield, Connecticut wherever there's a free couch/bed/futon .

Shouts to GabrielF (talk · contribs), Pickthestickup (talk · contribs), and talkstosocks (talk · contribs). Yup, so, that's all --Tim Wochomurka 06:14, 5 September 2007 (UTC)