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Please sign the request for mediation at the following link to resolve an edit war in which you are engaged regarding the Calvary Chapel article criticism section.

Issues to be mediated

The party filing this request uses this section to list the issues for mediation.

Issue 1: Supposition that material is "unencyclopedic" and to be reverted without discussion. Issue 2: Supposition that material is historically significant, well sourced, and reasonably neutral in tone after multiple revisions. Issue 3: Supposition that material is an attack on a living person. Issue 4: Supposition that material is factual, sufficiently sourced in regards to a living person, and an appropriate addition to a section titled "criticisms." Issue 5: Supposition that criticisms by published authors about the influential founder and head of a church do not apply to the church movement in general and are therefore not appropriate for this article. Issue 6: Supposition that the specific criticisms focus on the direct influence of the founder and head of the church on the church itself, thereby making the information relevent to an article about the church.