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Born (1994-02-22) 22 February 1994 (age 23)
Croydon, London
Nationality British
Country United Kingdom (England)
Current location Croydon
Languages British English
Spanish (partially)
Ethnicity White British
Hair Black
Eyes Hazel
Handedness Right
Sexuality Heterosexual
Personality type Logician (INTP-T)
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Hobbies Microsoft Excel
Television (football)
Candy Crush Saga
Religion Monotheism
Politics Liberal Democrats
Account statistics
Joined 29 December 2010
First edit Grandad (OFAH)

Hello, I am 6ii9 (pronounced: /sɪks nn/; born 22 February 1994), I live in Croydon which is a town in south London, England. I speak British English and a small amount of Spanish which I learnt a long time ago at secondary school and on my few trips to Spain. I joined the English Wikipedia on the 29 December 2010 and I won't be editing other language versions as I have not fully learnt another language, however I look at articles in other languages to help out if I can. Since joining the English Wikipedia I have started quite a few articles, uploaded a few images, made some templates and created several categories. I regularly edit articles relating to television programmes, association football and professional wrestling (more specifically WWE); most articles I have created have been related to these categories. The first article, category, file and template I created were each related to television.

I think I suffer from obsessive–compulsive personality disorder (OCPD) as I am obsessed with perfect formatting, I always want to complete everything I do to perfection and have trouble allowing people do things for me as I think they will not do it the way I want it done. Due to my OCPD I like the pages and lists on Wikipedia that are nicely designed. I regularly look at the featured lists (FL) on Wikipedia and keep an eye on those that have been nominated for FL status. I like to try to make lists as neat and informative as possible, including tidying lists despite how extensive it can be. I am a WikiSloth, I make contributions based solely on hedonistic intellectual enjoyment; I can be found anywhere as I tend to edit as the mood takes me.

Location Gibraltar EU.png
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The name 6ii9 was something that randomly came into my head after reading through the username policy. I think it subconsciously came from the fact that I was a big fan of Rey Mysterio, a Mexican-American professional wrestler, as the username closely resembles the name of a finisher he uses called the 619 – a tiger feint kick to the head of an opponent draped over the second rope. To this day I do not know why I didn't use the username "619" as it was – and still is – available. I cannot think of any other reason why I came up with this name.



Since the 2000–01 football season I have been a fan of football. At the moment my life revolves around football, despite how sad that sounds. I can watch football from any division in any country, although most of the time it is the English leagues. I prefer club football to international, although I still really enjoy the latter.


Crystal Palace footie flag.png

The club team I support is Crystal Palace. The Eagles are my local team and also the team supported by my immediate family. I also have soft spots for the Milton Keynes Dons, Shrewsbury Town and Stoke City. The first live Palace game I attended was the first match of the 2013–14 Premier League – a 1–0 home defeat against Tottenham Hotspur. The first away game I attended was against Manchester United which again ended in defeat with Palace not scoring. The first goal I saw live was away to Liverpool but it was a consolation to the three they had scored. The first draw I went to was at home to Everton. I finally attended a game which Palace won – four months into the season – 1–0 at home to West Ham United. I have been a season ticket holder since their 2014–15 season and I have yet to miss a home game.



For international football I am behind England, they are my country and always will be, I am optimistic that success will be experienced again. As much as I like international football I hate it when there are international breaks rather than Premier League and Football League matches. My second favourite international team is Gibraltar, their fight to get UEFA and FIFA membership has been greatly rewarded; I hope this small nation can grow and enjoy some success. Other teams I like for various reasons are Bosnia and Herzegovina, Faroe Islands, and San Marino. I like to cheer for underdogs – apart from when they play England. I have so far only attended one international match – a 1–0 friendly win at Wembley against Belgium. I am hoping to attend more matches in the future, including more friendlies and hopefully qualifiers for major tournaments.


Red Dwarf - Series 4 logo.png

I regularly enjoy watching television, often participating in binge-watching. When growing up I watched a lot of children's programmes, some of which I can watch now and still enjoy – Bernard's Watch being a good example. The genre of programmes I love the most is sitcoms, especially British ones between the 1960s and 2000s – Absolutely Fabulous being my current binge. My favourite show is Red Dwarf: I have enjoyed all eleven series, I have all of the DVDs, I kept all my old video sleeves and I have even watched them in other languages. My favourite series is the fourth which contains my favourite episode "White Hole". I am also a big fan of British panel games, game shows and football shows. I do enjoy some American television programmes but nowhere near the amount of British ones I like. I am a member of – where I use the name Comedy Dan – and I am an editor for numerous British Comedy shows and the editor for a few people as well. One of the few non-comedy programmes I watch is Doctor Who; I'm not as committed to the show as many Whovians but I still enjoy it. My favourite incarnation of The Doctor is the Fifth played by Peter Davison, closely followed by my second favourite: the Eleventh played by Matt Smith.



I do not regularly watch films – nowhere near the amount of television I watch – I feel I have to be in the mood before I commit to viewing a film. Films that have been based on sitcoms I like I am always in the mood for. The first non-children's film I wanted to watch was Hot Fuzz, I was unable to view it in the cinema but I made sure the DVD was top of my Christmas list. Comedy is the genre of most films I have most enjoyed. I do like older films as well such as those starring the Marx Brothers, I love all of their films – especially Horse Feathers. I often find that the films my friends have to convince me to watch usually end up being good, for example This Is the End, I didn't even consider watching it until they persuaded me to view it with them, after which I realised that I did enjoy it.


I do not usually read books, I'm quite lazy like that. If I do read, it is usually non-fiction entertainment such as The 100 Most Pointless Things in the World and the Only Fools and Horses Miscellany. There are only four fictional books – longer than twenty pages – I have read from cover to cover: Holes, Of Mice and Men, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and The Twits; the first two were due to English lessons at school and the second two were down to personal choice. So Roald Dahl is the only author of a book I have chose to read; and as I have only chose to read two books, both by Dahl, it is unlikely that any other author will produce two or more books that I will fully read.

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