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I began life on Wikipedia as "Registered User 92", I was banned for an inappropriate name and uploadings images without any understanding of Wikipedia's copyright policies.

My specialty is mindless busy work, like moving photos to other sides of pages and putting information in different sections and categories.

Major work[edit]

  • writing the entire history section of Firefall (It may not look like much, but it used to be about 3 sentences)
  • raising Cliff Burton from a start class to a GA
  • the history section of Oasis (band), specifically the period from 1999 until the present
  • I completely redid Primal Scream

Articles created by me[edit]


Barnstar of High Culture.png The Barnstar of High Culture
In recognition of the tons of good edits you have made to music-related articles (and many others). Thanks for the hard work. --Bongwarrior 01:43, 12 September 2007 (UTC)