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Symbol question.svg ...that the Chicken Tax led to Ford importing light trucks to the United States from Turkey and immediately shredding portions of their interiors in Baltimore? September 24, 2009, 14.1K views
Symbol question.svg ...that automobile designer Peter Schreyer has designed car grilles to look like tiger noses? Self nom, April 5, 2010, 4.6K views
Symbol question.svg ...that Garth Stein, author of the bestselling book The Art of Racing in the Rain, had himself been a race car driver until he crashed while racing in the rain?" Self nom, 3 April 2010, 1.4K views
Symbol question.svg ...that Richelieu Foods produces over 50 million frozen pizzas and more than 20 million crusts annually—for other companies to market under their own private labels?" Self nom, 21 June 2010, 2.4K views
Symbol question.svg ...that the Prix Blumenthal was a prize of 20,000 francs awarded to up-and-coming French painters, sculptors, decorators, engravers, writers, and musicians?" Self nom, 22 July 2010, 1.1K views
Symbol question.svg ...that that philanthropist Florence Meyer Blumenthal was known by her family for having a "perfect figure" and for "bringing home massive amounts of clothing from Paris"?" Self nom, 25 July 2010, 3.7K views
Symbol question.svg ...that Parisian artist Paule Marrot landed a job at Renault developing bright colors for the forthcoming Dauphine after writing the company to say the cars of postwar Paris were uniformly somber?" Self nom, 20 July 2010, 1.1K views
Symbol question.svg ...that on the day Paule Marrot appeared on DYK, the Renault Dauphine article hit 2K views?
Symbol question.svg ...that automotive journalist David E. Davis wore a full beard after a racing accident severely disfigured his face – and the ambulance attendant threw away pieces of his nasal cartilage?" Self nom, 10 April 2011, 4.4K views
Symbol question.svg ...that writer-director Tom Shadyac made the documentary I Am after suffering post-concussion syndrome from a serious bicycle accident—and sleeping in his closet to avoid acute sensitivity to light and sound? Self nom, 29 April 2011, 2.2K views
Symbol question.svg ...that Volkswagen's new Chattanooga Assembly Plant is built near the remaining storage bunker of a plant that manufactured up to 30 million pounds of TNT per month for the Second World, Korean and Vietnam Wars? Self nom, 7 June, 2011, 2.7K views
Symbol question.svg ...that when workers staged a 1978 wildcat strike for higher wages at Volkswagen's new Westmoreland Assembly Plant that built the Rabbit model, the picketers shouted "No Money, No Bunny"? Self nom, 7 July, 2011, 1.7K views
Symbol question.svg ...that in 2009 the Toronto Star called Winnipeg's Manitoba Hydro Place, which uses 60% less energy than a typical large office tower, "the most important building in Canada"? Self nom, 28 October,2011, 3.0K views
Symbol question.svg ...that Guiding Eyes for the Blind teams senior citizens with elementary school students and also uses prison inmates in rearing the puppies it later trains as guide dogs to the blind? Self nom, 12 November 2011, 894 views
Symbol question.svg ... that architect Andrew Geller designed quirky, eye-grabbing vacation homes on Long Island that he gave nicknames including the Box Kite, Milk Carton and Reclining Picasso? Self nom, 4 January 2012, 5.8K views
Symbol question.svg ... that when architect John Russell Pope designed Branch House in 1916, the 28,000 sq ft private residence included designated storage rooms for carpets, china, paintings — and suits of armor? self nom, 19 March 2012, 7,576 views
Symbol question.svg ... that Annette Winkler, the CEO of Daimler AG's Smart subdivision, once headed a commercial truck dealership and became licensed to drive heavy trucks in nine days, to better understand her customers? self nom, 2 April, 2014, 3,322 views
Symbol question.svg ... that on the evening of September 15, 2008, the pattern of lights in the windows of the Ford World Headquarters spelled out "Happy 100 GM", in honor of Ford's chief rival? self nom, September 2014, 4,681 views


I gravitate to technical subjects — things that interest me; I have broad interests, and avoid COI. My work is unrelated to writing, automobiles, manufacture or any form of transportation.

When new here, I Sockpuppeted; it was wrong and ultimately harsh — and I learned a lot from the experience. Since then, I've found a Sockpuppet in an article on more than one occassion, a company that was Refspamming, etc. — all the usual stuff.

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