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We are a husband and wife team from California. Both of us have a strange affection for the game of cricket - he, British, converted her, American. We attend matches when we are in England.

88888 will probably be here at random intervals for minor edits and sometimes to check for messages, but 2 years of one's life is a long time to devote to something for which one doesn't get paid, no matter how interesting it has been. Our real life needs the attention more than wikipedia.

Apparently that makes us WikiOgres

De rigueur user boxes[edit]

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A very cool Wikipedia tool that everyone might find useful[edit]

Wikidashboard from PARC

Our contributions so we don't lose track[edit]

The horrible addiction...and recovery?[edit]

Wikipedia:List of Wikipedians by number of edits (see also count_edits utility and other Wikipedia:WikiProject edit counters, whose count doesn't seem to match what's on the number of edits page)

Useful pages[edit]

Our tips on creating new entries[edit]

  • Include the bolded term as part of the first sentence, not as a separate preceding line.
  • If the text is shorter than a couple of long paragraphs, that usually means there's a lot more info that *could* go there if someone had the info and the time. This is called a "stub"; you can include the text {{stub}} to draw attention to the page and make it easier for searches for stubs to find (usually people with time to work on content).
  • Try to identify terms that already exist in Wikipedia and add links. We've found that it doesn't take much time if we remember:
    • Most noun articles are stored as singular rather than plural, hence e.g. [[shaman]]s finds the correct link to shaman but still leaves the plural in the text.
    • Capitalization is (usually) important, but you can link to something that's a different form in your sentence by "piping"--looks like this: [[Religious conversion|converts]] links to the existing page Religious conversion but leaves the word converts in the text
    • You can use the Show preview button at the bottom of the edit page to get a preview, including your guesses at links, click on the links to see whether they link anywhere, then use your browser Back button to get back to the edit page and adjust them, etc. until you're ready to Save page.