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Founded 1980
Headquarters Bushey, Hertsfordshire, United Kingdom
Offices Bushey, Clipstone, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar
Industry Construction, Civil Engineering, Dewatering
Products Collaborative research, consultation and dissemination
Services Groundwater control, groundwater remdiation, well drilling, geothermal

WJ Groundwater Limited is a dewatering specialist company that leads the field in design, installation, and maintenance of dewatering systems for construction sites. Since its beginnings in the UK In 1980 and Dubai in 1999, WJ has provided groundwater control for numerous high-profile projects, and a larger number of small-scale works; acting as main or sub contractor, or consultant, [1].

WJ's excellence in dewatering[citation needed] was recognized when CIRIA had us[who?] write guide C515 on Groundwater Control [2].

Groundwater Control[edit]

Groundwater control, or dewatering, is the temporary reduction of pore pressures or groundwater levels. It converts saturated ground into a dry, stable, and safe condition. It is used to allow the construction of the deep excavations that are required for buildings, tunnels and other underground structures. WJ designs, installs, and operates the deepwell systems, ejector systems, or wellpoint systems that provide groundwater control. Ground conditions are assessed by the analysis of site investigation information, which may be supported by specialist pumping tests. The choice of system depends on ground conditions and may include a combination of these methods and additional sump pumps or trenches as required. In areas that may be adversely affected by off-site drawdowns, such as environmentally sensitive areas or near structures requiring protection, recharge systems can be installed.

Pumping Tests[edit]

Pumping tests are the most reliable of and aquifer test available when it comes to designing a dewatering system. Pumping tests usually consist of a series of piezometers installed around a pumped well. Monitoring of abstraction flows and groundwater levels are routinely fully automated using appropriate sensors and data loggers.[citation needed]


WJ has provided over 500 projects in the UK. WJ also operates a branch office in Dubai. They provided the dewatering for Dubai Airport's new Terminal 3, installing over 120 deepwells around the 3,500m perimiter of the 25m deep excavation[3]. WJ has, and continues to, work closely with London's Crossrail team and has already provided the dewatering for some of the numerous deep excavations that the project requires, including the dewatering for an 8.2m diameter, 40m deep shaft at Moorhouse[4].


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