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About me[edit]

I research computational materials chemistry, at the University of Sydney. This is a panorama I took of the Main Quadrangle

I'm especially interested in improving scientific and Australian content, but also like helping newcomers or important neglected pages. I have a long watchlist, and enjoy seeing others expand or improve articles I've worked on.

Image contributions[edit]

I think high quality images and diagrams are very important for engaging wikipedia articles, so have developed my photography alongside my wiki editing. Visit my Commons user page [1] to see the images I've contributed. Here's a taster:

RanellidaeShell.JPGViewFromKingsCanyon.JPGAustralian Flag Flying animated.gifRiverRedGum CentralAustralia.JPGRockmelons.JPGGlenHelenGorge NorthernTerritory Australia.JPGAirForceCadet Trumpeter MemorialChurchService 2007.JPGSydneyUniversity FrontLawns.jpgAboriginalOchrePitCentralAustralia.JPGCamel Chewing.JPGLasseterHighway.JPGSydneyUniversity InstituteBuilding DarlingtonCentre.jpgSydneyUniversity OldSchoolLawns2.jpgPeek Frean Tower Bunnings Ashfield.jpgPeaceParkWaterTowerAshfield.jpgStJohnsAshfield.jpgArtichoke stack.JPGOxy-fuel cutting.JPGStJohnsAshfield side.jpgWestMacDonnellWaterTank.JPGPinkLadyApples.JPGAmesbury Ashfield.jpgSnowGeese BlenheimPalace.JPGHoldernessSchool1.JPGLiruShield Uluru Central Australia.JPGBathAbbeyCeiling CoatOfArms HoniSoitMotto.JPGToadstool in New Hampshire.JPGHoldernessSchool4.JPGCamelRacingCamelCup2009Heat.JPGTangelos.JPGSydneyUniversity OldSchoolLawns.jpgHoldernessSchool2.JPG

Article contributions[edit]

Here are the peer reviewed articles I've made significant contributions to. The most recent pageview count was for the 90 days to 12 February 2013.

Featured articles[edit]

Featured lists (pageviews 986)[edit]

Good articles (pageviews ~40k)[edit]

Pages I've started:[edit]

Science (pageviews 10541)[edit]

Organizations (pageviews 7344)[edit]

Species (pageviews 9036)[edit]

Other (pageviews 3628)[edit]

Ideas for pages:[edit]

Saissetia oleae on a lemon tree
Lampromicra senator
Glen Helen Gorge, Northern Territory, Australia.

Global interface edits[edit]

I occasionally edit Mediawiki space on other language Wikipedias. This uses the Global interface editor userright, for which I reapply each year ([3] [4] [5]). I translate customized terms on the Mediawiki:sidebar into English, to ensure that editors who specify the English language in their preferences can read the sidebar, even if they are not familiar with the local language. My edits should not affect anyone else. If you would like to supply a better translation, feel free to contact me or a local language administrator.


My employer The University of Sydney organized an editathon on 31 October 2014 focused on women historically or currently connected with the university. Due to my Wiki experience, I was asked to help both on the day and in preparation. So over a period of a few weeks around that date, some of my edits can be considered as (indirectly) "paid contributions", although it is not part of my job description per se. In any case, I always endeavour to edit in an objective manner, and take full personal responsibility for my edits. The project page is at Wikipedia:Meetup/Sydney/University of Sydney Wikibomb. If you have any concerns about the event or edits associated with it, please contact me and I will be happy to investigate. Most of the editors were newcomers to Wiki - so please treat them nicely!