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Welcome to A.Minkowiski's user page
Improving the world one edit a time!
Welcome to A.Minkowiski's user page

on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

Improving the world one edit a time!

on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit

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About Me

I am a professionally Electronics Engineer, Mathematician, Physicist, and Graphics designer. I was an IP editor before, did alot of absurd editing when I had no idea how to get into Wikipedia. I don't remember what was my first edit in Wikipedia, but I started serious editing when I read huge number of mathematical and history articles that put me into queue. I then started reading Wikipedia guidelines which led me fully inside Wikipedia world. I was curious to know about Wikipedia, and finally lots of experienced editors and Admins took me into different fields.

A person who thinks too much and uses his brain too small falls from lazy habit of thinking. - Unkown

My Hobbies

Art Sketching and Painting
Using Trisquel GNU/Linux Operating System
Reading Research Magazines
Creating Engineering and Science articles
Playing Hedgewars
Making Webpages in Xara
Making 2d artwork in GIMP
Programming a bit in Matlab

My Articles

I have created:
Robotic Sensors
Routing in cellular networks
Synchronization of TV transmitter and receiver

Wikipedia fields

I work in:
Adminstrator noticeboard Incidents
Adminstrator Intervation against vandalism
Reviewing Articles
Village pumps
Page protections

My stuff
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