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WP is not a place for knowledge gathering anymore, but a place for group of mediocre useless bunch of assholes
This user is no longer very active on Wikipedia.

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Birdie Birdie
Birdie Birdie
Name Amit Kumar
Born 1982
Nationality Indian
Country  USA
Languages Hindi, English, Tamil
Race Kurmi
Height 6'
Weight 190
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Handedness Right
Blood type B+
Family and friends
Marital status Married
Education and employment
Occupation Consultant
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Hindu

Amit Kumar is a Wikipedia user and editor. He focuses on anti vandal activities at most but also at the same time looks into articles with maintenance tags and tries to correct them. He also many times pokes his nose into WP:ANI

Early Life[edit]

Amit Kumar was born in the city of Coimbatore, in Tamil Nadu, India.


Amit had used the vast resources of wikipedia through out his career and was amazed by the abundance of data wanted to lend a hand in the maintenance of this data and contribute to this project. So in 2013, he started participating in Wikipedia edits and anti vandal activities. Currently he also works on the WP:backlog especially maintenance tags. Common tools used by Amit in Wikipedia are TW and STiki. He currently has reviewer and rollback permissions.


Amit has a very sensitive mindset, so please mind your language when talking to him. He doesn't like being told what to do. He might sometimes respond sarcastically to blatant vandalism.

Did Amit revert your edit?[edit]

Amit uses tools to revert good faith edits or vandalism which is usually something he does in a large number and hence is also prone to minor errors. Please dont take his revert of your edit at a personal level (nor his comment regarding your edit). Common things Amit reverts are as below

  • Edits that remove large content without providing reason (especially relevant data).
  • Edits that he thinks are blatant Vandalism - like using conversational text, curse words etc...
  • Edits which have spelling or grammar errors.
  • Edits which are in bad format and use invalid tags/attempts to format the article.
  • Edits that are out of context(text that don't add value to be in that section or article).
  • Edit warring and edits without consensus.

The tools used usually leave a generic note in your talk page, so please feel free to use the talk page to get clarification.

Are you angry?[edit]

Are you angry with a revert I did of your edit? Take a deep breath. If you think it is a mistake by me, it might be - I am just human and I make mistakes. Just mention your reason to me and if they are reasonable I will revert them back myself.

Take a deep breath and enjoy the scene