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Don Osborn

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I've been working on various pages (some created, many edited), mainly having to do with parts of Africa I am most familiar with (mainly West Africa) and with African languages. A large part of that has been a spinoff of work on the PanAfrL10n wiki for the PanAfrican Localisation project (the project finished in 2008 and its successor, the African Network for Localisation, hosted the wiki until 2013; the wiki is now hosted by Bisharat). I also continue to work in this area through Bisharat (A language, technology & development initiative.

I also have contributed to a range of other pages on other topics from time to time. For example, in 2010 I created a table with various animal and veterinary terms in Karimojong language, which was deleted as a WP page, but salvaged as a user page. In the process I created several stub pages on animal diseases endemic in East Africa. Since those pages are linked from the table, it may also serve as a quick way to access a fairly complete set of articles on major animal diseases and conditions observed in that region.

Also taking advantage of the user page feature to compile information on the "faux-French" term Nigerois (user page), which of course is not the accepted way to refer to people from Niger (it's Nigerien).

I've set up a "to-do" page, though frankly have not had time to work through much of it. See: User:A12n/todo

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