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My screen name is A2Die. I have no idea why I kept this but I could not think of anything better.
I am 15 years of age. Still young, I'm very aware of that fact.
I am really intrigued in various fields of specialisms, inlcuding Astrophysics, Korean hip hop, Matter, Quantum physics, Badminton, Cricket, Supergravity, Dimensions, etc.



I have created a couple of pages on Wikipedia myself, instead of just editing some existing ones. I am working on a page at the moment of my own, which is going to about the rapper/producer, Loptimist. It's really hard to find any information on the producer as his popularity is amongst a very few group of people across the globe and there is hardly anything on him on the internet, as I am finding difficulties to research on him. I also working on an astronomical article, based on a galaxy consisting of dark matter.

The pages that I have created myself are: