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Oftentimes deletionists and drive-by taggers tag an article with as many tags as possible. This, in the long run, just wastes everybody's time.


There are many, many, many cleanup tags where it would take less than a minute to fix the problem. These include:

  1. {{capitalization}} Just go through the article and apply simple grammar fixes. If you know this is wrong, you can correct it in less than a minute.
  2. {{lead missing}} Can you seriously not take the time to write at least one sentence about the article?
  3. {{uncategorized}} It seriously takes about 30 seconds with HotCat to do this. At least add one category. Especially sad is this tag on BLPs when Category:Living people and Category:xxxx births could be added.
  4. {{metricate}} There are things like {{Convert}} and a ridiculous number more on the internet.


Use 30 seconds of your time to fix the article. How do you think people who end up correcting these articles feel? Are you going to be like a bot and repetitively add things? In the end, somebody else (probably combing through the massive backlog you have now created) will use their time dealing with it.