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Newcomer of Wikipedia[edit]

This is AAZIO speaking: "Although I'm new, but as ancient philosopher (as per Confucius said: "Instead of providing fishes for an individual; why not teach that particular person how to fish?"); and this eventually marked down the historical moral value that is currently influencing societies nowadays. What am I trying to say is, I'm optimistic towards learning as life does not end with a rather narrowing scope. Learning progress will never stop; not until all our last breath were spared and diminished. Personally, I find editing to be a very interesting topic. It is an ability within a human person to express each self's interest by being descriptive in terms of obtaining knowledge, study, and eventually to share together with the community; as well as to the entire universe.

Besides, I'm interested in authoring and self teaching; that is why I've chosen Wikipedia as one of my guidances in order to learn and at the same time; to gain personal experience through the Wikipedia about what has happened throughout the world where many interesting fields such as the Science,Humanities,sociology, and even political studies as well. We are able to open up our eyes wide to observe what has happened globally and basically, humans could think and manipulate their surroundings by creating numerous situations. For example, Medicine and Law are the fields of studies by human nature as we human beings created situations that will lead to causes, and somehow or rather, it manipulated and eventually evolved into consequences, where behavioural aspect steps into the light.

That is why I always believed in knowledge and studies that could conclude logical reasoning and problem solving, therefore, my concern will be on basics and confidence towards learning something new. Please be optimistic when we have to learn something; and try keeping passive aggressiveness away from thoughts as far as possible as it generates anger and burdensome. Economically: negative externalities is the word for it."