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What does this bot do?[edit]

This bot delivers Article alert report pages to subscribed projects and taskforces.

Article alerts is a project that aims to deliver reports to WikiProjects and taskforces about which pages enter and leave certain Wikipedia maintenance workflows, such as WP:AfD, WP:PROD, WP:RfC, WP:FAC, etc. See Wikipedia:Article alerts#Workflows covered for the full list.

How would I subscribe?[edit]

See the Wikipedia:Article alerts/Subscribing page for a detailed guide.

Basically, you will need either a distinct talk page banner your project is using, or a specific category all the project's pages are placed in.

Who is operating the bot exactly?[edit]

Gnome-network-wired.svg Currently, Hellknowz and Headbomb can run the bot. The editor running the bot is marked in the edit summary as either (HK/13) or (HB/13), where the two-letter codes stand for Hellknowz and Headbomb. The latter number is the code revision.