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What does this bot do?[edit]

This bot delivers Article alert report pages to subscribed projects and taskforces.

Article alerts is a project that aims to deliver reports to WikiProjects and taskforces about which pages enter and leave certain Wikipedia maintenance workflows, such as WP:AfD, WP:PROD, WP:RfC, WP:FAC, etc. See Wikipedia:Article alerts#Workflows covered for the full list.

How would I subscribe?[edit]

See the Wikipedia:Article alerts/Subscribing page for a detailed guide.

Basically, you will need either a distinct talk page banner your project is using, or a specific category all the project's pages are placed in.

There's a bug[edit]

Green bug.svg

We need a new feature[edit]

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Who is operating the bot exactly?[edit]

Gnome-network-wired.svg Currently, Hellknowz and Headbomb can run the bot. The editor running the bot is marked in the edit summary as either (HK/13) or (HB/13), where the two-letter codes stand for Hellknowz and Headbomb. The latter number is the code revision.

Why doesn't the bot use the bot flag?[edit]

Crystal Clear question bot.svg The bot doesn't flag the report page changes as bot edits so editors that deliberately watchlist the report pages can do so without enabling the bot edit visibility. The bot uses the flag for any other edits.

Where does the bot see itself 5 years in future?[edit]

Map track.png The bot's coder (Hellknowz) is fairly busy in real-life and so changes and fixes are slow. The community has expressed desire to expand the project, including to other languages. The project to implement the new system, if not use the old bot, is currently on hold until latter part of 2018. It is possible that on English Wikipedia the systems will run in parallel.

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