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My name is Ally Crockford. From July 2013 - April 2015 I was the Wikimedian in Residence based at the National Library of Scotland; information about the residency is available on the National Library of Scotland Project Page.


I'm originally from Ontario, Canada, but spent four years living in Nova Scotia while pursuing an Honours Bachelor of Arts in English Literature with a minor in History at St. Francis Xavier University. I was awarded an M. Litt from St Andrews in 2008, and that same year I began my doctoral studies at the University of Edinburgh. In 2012 I graduated with a PhD in English Literature from the University of Edinburgh. In February, 2013, I began work on an AHRC Cultural Engagement Fellowship developing a three-month series of collaborative events with the Department of English Literature at the University of Edinburgh and the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh's Surgeons' Hall Museum. The project was called 'Dissecting Edinburgh: Literature and Medicine in the Scottish Capital', and concluded in May 2013. In September 2016, I moved to Ottawa, Ontario. My interests include various aspects of late Victorian fiction, the medical humanities and the digital humanities.


Ally Crockford with NLS's GLAM of the Year award, 2014

My research interests lie in the literature and culture of the late nineteenth century; my doctoral research focused on the figure of the child in the works of Walter Pater, Vernon Lee, George MacDonald, and Henry James, and I have also written articles and book chapters on the medical humanities and disability history, specifically in relation to nineteenth century teratology.

I am also very interested in Scottish history, literature, and culture, and in feminism, gender history, and gender studies more broadly.

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Slides, information booklets, and other material created as part of the WiR programme at the National Library of Scotland, from July 2013 onwards.
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In June 2014, the National Library of Scotland uploaded 1,100+ files from five collections, including:
NLS Wikimedian in Residence 12 month report

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