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Drum Sets[edit]

  • Ludwig Classic Maple Mint Oyster Glass Glitter 20x14 10x8 15x14
  • Pearl RF Reference Purple Craze 24x18 13x10 18x16
  • Pearl RFP Reference Pure Natural Maple 20x16 10x8 12x9 14x14
  • Pearl BRX Masters Vintage Sunburst 24x18 22x18 20x16 8x7 10x8 12x9 13x11 14x11 14x14 15x13 16x16 18x16
  • Pearl MMX Masters Ocean Sparkle 22x18, 20x16, 10x8, 12x8, 13x9, 14x11, 16x13, 18x16
  • Pearl MMX Masters Sunrise Fade 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x11, 16x13
  • Pearl MCA Masters Honey Burst over Mappa Burl 22x18 10x8 12x9 16x16
  • Pearl MCX Masters Red Glass 20x18 10x8 12x9 14x14 16x16
  • Pearl MCX Masters Vintage Wine 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16
  • Pearl SRX Session Maple Vintage Fade 22x18, 10x8, 12x9, 14x11
  • Yamaha Maple Custom Turquoise 22x16 10x9 12x10 14x12 16x14

Snare Drums[edit]

  1. Ludwig 14x8 Black Magic
  2. Ludwig 14x8 Keystone, Mint Oyster Glass Glitter
  3. Ludwig 14x8 Jim Riley Signature
  4. Ludwig 14x6.5 Joey Kramer Signature
  5. Ludwig 14x6.5 Corey Miller Signature
  6. Ludwig 14x6.5 402 75th Anniversary
  7. Ludwig 14x6.5 402 50th Anniversary
  8. Ludwig 14x6.5 Black Beauty Brass on Brass
  9. Ludwig 14x6.5 Legacy Classic Gold Glass Glitter 100th Anniversary
  10. Ludwig 14x6.5 Classic Maple Exotic Sapele Pomele with Brass hardware 100th Anniversary
  11. Ludwig 14x6.5 Classic Maple Cherry Stain with Brass hardware 100th Anniversary
  12. Ludwig 14x5 Natural Patina Copper Phonic with Tube Lugs
  13. Ludwig 14x3.7 Carl Palmer Signature
  14. Pearl 15x6.5 PF1565S/C317 Limited Edition 6 ply Poplar/Fiberglass in Aged Satin Amber (2016 SC)
  15. Pearl 14x9 Natural Mahogany (2009 SC)
  16. Pearl 14x8 6 Ply Natural Maple, Vision Lugs (2007 SC)
  17. Pearl 14x8 8 Ply Natural Maple, Tube Lugs (2009 SC)
  18. Pearl 14x8 6 Ply (5.4mm) LMP1480S/C227 Maple Limited Edition, Satin Black (2016 SC)
  19. Pearl 14x8 6 Ply (5.4mm) LMPR1480S/C726 Maple Limited Edition, White Honeycomb (2016 SC)
  20. Pearl 14x8 Vinnie Paul Signature
  21. Pearl 14x7 Maple with Spike Tube Lugs in Piano Black (2008 SC)
  22. Pearl 14x6.5 FBD1465/C 30th Anniversary Brass Free Floater
  23. Pearl 14x6.5 Ian Paice Signature
  24. Pearl 14x6.5 Tico Torres Signature
  25. Pearl 14x6.5 Dennis Chambers Signature
  26. Pearl 14x6.5 Eric Singer 30th Anniversary Signature
  27. Pearl 14x6.5 Eric Singer Signature
  28. Pearl 14x6.5 Omar Hakim 30th Anniversary Steel Signature, Titanium Nitride Finish
  29. Pearl 14x6.5 Steve Ferrone Signature
  30. Pearl 14x6.5 Chad Smith Tricolon Free-Floating
  31. Pearl 14x6.5 SBR1465SF Limited Edition Beaded Brass
  32. Pearl 14x6.5 SensiTone Classic Brass
  33. Pearl 14x6.5 SensiTone Premium Maple
  34. Pearl 14x6.5 SensiTone Brass, Black Nickel
  35. Pearl 14x6.5 Ultracast
  36. Pearl 14x6.5 Burl Mahogany Classic Limited Edition with Gold Hardware
  37. Pearl 14x6.5 KPS Natural Kapur Limited Edition (LE 2012)
  38. Pearl 14x6.5 MPS Maple Artisan II Burl Chestnut Fade #470 (2010 SC)
  39. Pearl 14x6.5 BPS Birch Artisan II Ebony Feathered Walnut #468 (2010 SC)
  40. Pearl 14x6.5 BPS Birch Artisan II Autumn Fire #490 (2011 SC)
  41. Pearl 14x6.5 HPS Artisan II Walnut #488 (2011 SC)
  42. Pearl 14x6.5 6 Ply (5.4mm) LMP1465S/C263 Maple Limited Edition, Deep Satin Brown (2016 SC)
  43. Pearl 14x6.5 Session Studio Classic Sheer Blue
  44. Pearl 14x6.5 Reference Rootbeer Fade
  45. Pearl 14x6.5 Reference Steel with Gold Hardware
  46. Pearl 14x6.5 MCA Masters Honey Burst over Mappa Burl
  47. Pearl 14x6.5 MRX Masters Custom Sapphire Burst Maple with Gold Hardware
  48. Pearl 14x6.5 MMX Masters Custom Natural Maple
  49. Pearl 14x6.5 BRX Masters Studio Vintage Sunburst Birch
  50. Pearl 14x5.5 BRX Masters Studio Vintage Sunburst Birch
  51. Pearl 14x5.5 BRX Masters Studio Millennium Silver with Satin Hardware
  52. Pearl 14x5.5 MMX Masters Custom Purple Storm with Satin Hardware
  53. Pearl 14x5.5 MCX Masters Piano Black
  54. Pearl 14x5.5 MCXBG1455S/N Limited Edition 6 Ply Bubinga/Maple/Bubinga (2016 SC)
  55. Pearl 14x5.5 MCXMB1455S/N Limited Edition 6 Ply Mappa Burl/Maple/Mappa Burl (2016 SC)
  56. Pearl 14x5.5 MHX Masters Mahogany Classic Red Mahogany with Satin Hardware
  57. Pearl 14x5.5 Masterworks 1 Ply Maple Rootbeer Fade with Gold Hardware
  58. Pearl 14x5.5 50th Anniversary 1 Ply Maple Black Mist
  59. Pearl 14x5.5 Jimmy DeGrasso Signature
  60. Pearl 14x5.5 Carbonply Mahogany (2008 SC)
  61. Pearl 14x5.5 MPS Artisan II Maple #489 (2011 SC)
  62. Pearl 14x5.5 MPS Artisan II Rosewood #492 (2011 SC)
  63. Pearl 14x5.5 MPS Artisan II Curly Maple #469 (2010 SC)
  64. Pearl 14x5.5 MPS Artisan II Burl Walnut #493 (2011 SC)
  65. Pearl 14x5.5 Limited Edition DMP 6 Ply Maple Snare Drum, Strata Black (2016 SC)
  66. Pearl 14x5.5 MMX Natural Tamo Ash - Limited Edition
  67. Pearl 14x5.5 Birch 10 Ply Piano Black - Limited Edition
  68. Pearl 14x5.5 Custom Classic One-Piece Maple Shell White
  69. Pearl 14x5.5 Munetaka Higuchi Signature Exhaust Quad
  70. Pearl 14x5.5 SensiTone Classic Brass
  71. Pearl 14x5.5 SensiTone Classic Bronze
  72. Pearl 14x5.5 SensiTone, SHB1455S/C Black Nickel Hair Line Steel (2010 SC)
  73. Pearl 14x5.5 SensiTone, SS1455SB/C Flat Black Lacquer Steel (2016 SC)
  74. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Premium Maple
  75. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone II Steel
  76. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Black Brass
  77. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Brass
  78. Pearl 14x5 Reference Brass
  79. Pearl 14x5 Reference Pure, Black Cherry
  80. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Elite Beaded Aluminum Anodized Gold (2007 SC)
  81. Pearl 14x5 SensiTone Beaded Seamless Aluminum
  82. Pearl 14x5 Ultracast
  83. Pearl 14x5 Virgil Donati Signature
  84. Pearl 14x5 Chad Smith Signature
  85. Pearl 14x5 Chad Smith Limited Edition Red Signature
  86. Pearl 14x5 Morgan Rose Signature
  87. Pearl 14x5 Dennis Chambers Signature
  88. Pearl 14x5 FC-1450/C Copper Free-Floating
  89. Pearl 14x5 FB-1450/C Brass Free-Floating
  90. Pearl 14x4 Marvin “Smitty” Smith Signature
  91. Pearl 14x4 Black Brass Piccolo
  92. Pearl 14x4 Maple Snare with Exotic Burl Mahogany (2009 SC)
  93. Pearl 14x4 JR Robinson Signature
  94. Pearl 14x3.5 YA-1435 Yukihiro Signature
  95. Pearl 14x3.5 FB-1450/C Brass Free-Floating
  96. Pearl 13x9 Natural Mahogany (2008 SC)
  97. Pearl 13x9 Birch in Piano Black (2009 SC)
  98. Pearl 13x8 Tamo over Maple (2007 SC)
  99. Pearl 13x7 HPSL in Liquid Amber
  100. Pearl 13x7 Limited Edition Steel (2012 SC)
  101. Pearl 13x6.5 Joey Jordison Signature
  102. Pearl 13x6 Birch in Sequoia Red (2005 MM)
  103. Pearl 13x5.5 SensiTone Beaded Steel Power Piccolo
  104. Pearl 13x5.5 6 Ply (5.4mm) LMP1355S/C227 Maple Limited Edition, Satin Black (2016 SC)
  105. Pearl 13x5 Omar Hakim Signature with Gold Hardware
  106. Pearl 13x3 Maple Piccolo in Vintage Sunburst
  107. Pearl 12x7 Soprano Effect Maple in Vintage Sunburst
  108. Pearl 10x6.Φ Mike Mangini Signature
  109. Pearl 10x6 Maple Popcorn in Vintage Sunburst with Gold Hardware
  110. Pearl 10x5 Poplar Firecracker
  111. Pearl 10x4 Maple Sopranino in Vintage Sunburst
  112. Yamaha 14x5.5 Maple Custom in Vintage Finish


  1. Zildjian 24" K Light Ride
  2. Zildjian 22" K Light Ride
  3. Zildjian 22" K Custom Ride
  4. Zildjian 21” A Custom 20th Anniversary Ride
  5. Zildjian 21” A Custom 20th Anniversary Ride
  6. Zildjian 20" K Custom Ride
  7. Zildjian 20" K Custom Medium Ride
  8. Zildjian 20” A Medium Ride
  9. Zildjian 20” A 370th Anniversary Medium Ride
  10. Zildjian 20” A Armand Ride
  11. Paiste 20” Formula 602 Ride
  1. Zildjian 15" K Light HiHats
  2. Zildjian 14” A Quick Beats HiHats
  3. Zildjian 14” A New Beats HiHats
  4. Zildjian 13" K HiHats
  5. Zildjian 13" K Custom Dark HiHats
  6. Zildjian 13” A Custom Mastersound HiHats
  1. Zildjian 20" Kerope
  2. Zildjian 20" K Custom Dark Crash
  3. Zildjian 19” A Custom Crash
  4. Zildjian 18” A Custom Fast Crash
  5. Paiste 18” Formula 602 Crash
  6. Zildjian 17” K Dark Crash Thin - Brilliant
  7. Zildjian 17” K Dark Crash Thin - Brilliant
  8. Zildjian 17” A Custom Fast Crash
  9. Zildjian 17" A Custom Crash
  10. Zildjian 16” K Dark Crash Thin - Brilliant
  11. Zildjian 16” A Custom Fast Crash
  12. Zildjian 16” A Custom Crash
  13. Zildjian 16” A Armand Medium-Thin Crash
  14. Zildjian 15" K Dark Crash Thin - Brilliant
  15. Zildjian 15” A Custom Fast Crash
  16. Zildjian 14” A Custom Fast Crash
  17. Zildjian 14" K Dark Crash Thin - Brilliant
  1. Zildjian 12” A Custom Splash
  2. Zildjian 10” K Splash
  3. Zildjian 10” A Custom Splash
  4. Adam 10” Splash
  5. Zildjian 8” A Custom Splash
  6. Zildjian 8” K Splash
  7. Zildjian 8” K Splash
  8. Zildjian 6” A Custom Splash
  1. Wuhan 27" China
  2. Zildjian 20” Oriental Crash of Doom
  3. Zildjian 17” K China
  4. Zildjian 14” K Mini China
  5. Wuhan 12" China

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