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I am a graduate student studying honey bees in AZ. I think Wikipedia is one of the best ideas ever. Between 8 May 2006 and 18 March 2007, I also made contributions as User:AJseagull.

Pages I created[edit]

Pages I contributed my own images to[edit]

  • Bert Hölldobler I contributed the picture of Dr. Hölldobler looking to the side. I took it at a workshop I volunteered at. It is used on the German, French, and Suomi entries.

Bert Holldobler.jpg

Incomplete haida pole.jpg

Pages I contributed images created by someone else to[edit]

The painting of John Payne Todd created by Joseph Wood
Official City Seal
Photo of book cover
Official City Seal
Official City Seal
Photo of book cover

People I know in the real world who are on Wikipedia[edit]

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