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ru Русскийродной язык этого участника.
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Caricature painted by friend :)
Entry wikt:boat. Screenshot of the open-source Android software "kiwidict 0.096" with data extracted from the English Wiktionary
Entry wikt:ru:airplane. Screenshot of the open-source Android software "kiwidict-ru 0.091" with data extracted from the Russian Wiktionary.

My name is Andrew Krizhanovsky. I am Russian, live in Saint-Petersburg and Petrozavodsk. My interests are computational linguistics, programming, yoga, medicine, sci-fi. Within the Wikimedia project I contribute primarily to the Russian Wikipedia (my page) and Russian Wiktionary (my page). Welcome to my home page.

I am writing a GUI to the data extracted from the Wiktionary. Welcome to use my Adroid applications:

  • kiwidict offline multilingual dictionary and thesaurus based on the English Wiktionary.
  • kiwidict-ru offline multilingual dictionary and thesaurus based on the Russian Wiktionary.
  • magnetowordik word game based on data extracted from the English Wiktionary.

I am a teacher in Petrozavodsk State University. My students write new articles (related to Computer science) or translate best articles from the English Wikipedia to the Russian Wikipedia, see the list of finished students works. See our papers at Authorea. See our project at Wikiversity v:Research in programming Wikidata.

I have wrote tutorial[1] about using Wikipedia as an educational platform, this is a methodology (in Russian) of writing articles in Wikipedia by students with the help of the teacher. Someday I hope to find money for translating this book into English :)


My monobook.js and monobook.css, vector.js and vector.css.

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Wiki science:


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Fun programming errors (Java)[edit]

  • void function(String StringBuffer) {...
  • task: convert encoding + lower case
  Référence -> Référence   (UTF8->ISO8859_1)
  Référence -> rã©fã©rence (lower case), Error here: ã© - unknown character
  Référence -> référence     (lower case)
  référence -> référence   (UTF8->ISO8859_1), OK: é is é


Greatest Wikipedia voice actors[edit]

I love voices of actors of Spoken Wikipedia: KenKuhl, Nbierma, Mrdallaway, DollieLlama, BruceGannon, Taestell, Ka-Ping Yee, Slovakjoe, Will Beback, Norvy, Alexkillby, Will Beback, Bowie Media, Dmitry Brant, S_Whistler, WarmVoiceOver, Macropode.

And many thanks to all voice actors of Spoken Wikipedia.

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Welcome to Saint Petersburg (my city)
Anton Chekhov, the greatest writers of short stories

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Barn star[edit]

Spoken Barnstar.png The Spoken star
Face-smile.svg Thank you for your efforts in regard to the spoken wikipedia project, and widening its accessibility via the use of a torrent! Derfel73 (talk) 10:09, 31 August 2011 (UTC)



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I like this asana :)
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