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Arun Kumar Singh
Arun Kumar Singh
Name Arun Kumar SINGH
Born (1976-08-16) 16 August 1976 (age 40)
Varanasi, India
Name in real life Arun Kumar SINGH
Nationality  India
Country  India
Current location Mumbai, India
Languages English, Hindi
Time zone UTC+05:30
Current time Current UTC is 18:40
Ethnicity Indian
Height 5'10"
Weight 70 Kgs
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Family and friends
Marital status Single
Education and employment
Occupation Consultant
Education Bachelor of Arts (Economics)
High school Central Hindu Boys School
University Banaras Hindu University
Hobbies, favourites and beliefs
Religion Hinduism
Contact info
Facebook arunsingh16
Instagram aks.9955
Twitter AKS9955
Account statistics
Joined 15-Jan-2014
First edit 15-Jan-2014
Pending changes reviewer 31-Jul-2015
Rollbacker 08-Feb-2015
Permissions Rollback,
Pending changes,
Signature Arun Kumar SINGH (Talk)

Namaste. My name is Arun Kumar SINGH and I am from Mumbai. I have been an active user of Wikipedia for years and have been writing and editing for sometime now. Apart from writing new articles, I am also actively involved in WP:NPP, WP:AfD, WP:NAC, WP:CUV, and WP:RCP. Tools I use frequently are STiki and Twinkle. I mostly write about India related subjects; mainly astronomy, aviation, politics, education, religion, automobile, place etc. All the pictures I have contributed can be found in this picture gallery. Following is a summary of what I have done till now; hope you will find it useful. Happy editing and reading. Cheers Arun Kumar SINGH (Talk)

p.s.: Please be clear that I edit on Wikipedia as a volunteer and do not charge any money. Any attempts to pay me money and / or favours to create, edit or "save" any content will be dealt like this. I have mentioned my contact details purely for social networking purposes. Should you need some genuine help / opinion, please feel free to leave a message on my TalkPage or send an email. Happy editing and happy reading. Cheers

Good article contributions[edit]

  1. Bara Gumbad.

DYK contributions[edit]

  1. Symbol confirmed.svg Eicher Polaris Multix: Oct 2015
  2. Symbol confirmed.svg Tomb of Sikandar Lodi: Nov 2015
  3. Symbol confirmed.svg Bara Gumbad: Jan 2016
  4. Symbol confirmed.svg Chandavaram Buddhist site: Jan 2016
  5. Symbol confirmed.svg Seema Malaka: May 2016
  6. Symbol confirmed.svg PSLV-C34: Jul 2016
  7. Symbol confirmed.svg PSLV-C2: Jul 2016
  8. Symbol confirmed.svg Everest (cigarette): Aug 2016
  9. Symbol confirmed.svg Harrild & Sons: Aug 2016
  10. Symbol confirmed.svg PSLV-C5: Sep 2016
  11. Symbol confirmed.svg The vulture and the little girl: Sep 2016

Articles created[edit]

Following is the list of articles written by me (in alphabetical order of topics). My latest article is The vulture and the little girl.

  1. Aircraft: AgustaWestland AW109S Grand
  2. Astronomy: DLR-Tubsat
  3. Astronomy: Kitsat-2
  4. Astronomy: Kitsat-3
  5. Astronomy: PSLV-C1
  6. Astronomy: PSLV-C2
  7. Astronomy: PSLV-C3
  8. Astronomy: PSLV-C4
  9. Astronomy: PSLV-C5
  10. Astronomy: PSLV-C6
  11. Astronomy: PSLV-C28
  12. Astronomy: PSLV-C34
  13. Astronomy: PSLV-D1
  14. Astronomy: PSLV-D2
  15. Astronomy: PSLV-D3
  16. Astronomy: RLV-TD
  17. Automobile: Ashok Leyland MiTR
  18. Automobile: Ashok Leyland STiLE
  19. Automobile: Chevrolet Adra
  20. Automobile: Eicher Polaris Multix
  21. Automobile: Mahindra TUV300
  22. Automobile: Tata GenX Nano
  23. Automobile: Tata Movus
  24. Automobile: Tata Safari Storme
  25. Biography: Atul Khatri
  26. Biography: Farooq Ahmed Dar
  27. Biography: Galboda Gnanissara Thera
  28. Biography: Jayanthi Kuru-Utumpala
  29. Biography: Jotin Bhattacharya
  30. Biography: K. Visalini
  31. Biography: Pradeep Kumar Dubey
  32. Biography: Prithvi Nath Kaula
  33. Biography: Rajbali Pandey
  34. Biography: Sandhya Jane
  35. Biography: Sunil Kumar Choudhary
  36. Bollywood actor: Aadya Bedi
  37. Bollywood actor: Bhavna Ruparel
  38. Bollywood actor: Ekavali Khanna
  39. Bollywood actor: Jyothi Rana
  40. Bollywood actor: Manisha Kelkar
  41. Bollywood actor: Megha Dhade
  42. Bollywood actor: Nazneen Patel
  43. Bollywood actor: Paru Gambhir
  44. Bollywood actor: Rasika Dugal
  45. Bollywood actor: Reecha Sinha
  46. Bollywood actor: Sonia Bindra
  47. Bollywood actor: Trishna Mukherjee
  48. Bollywood actor: Zara Barring
  49. Businessperson: Li Zhongchu
  50. Businessperson: Siddhartha Lal
  51. Businessperson: Vivek Chaand Sehgal
  52. College: Ambition Institute of Technology
  53. College: Arya Mahila Mahavidyalaya
  54. College: Babu Shivnath Agrawal College
  55. College: DAV Post Graduate College
  56. College: Faculty of Ayurveda, Banaras Hindu University
  57. College: Faculty of Commerce, Banaras Hindu University
  58. College: Faculty of Education, Banaras Hindu University
  59. College: Faculty of Law, Banaras Hindu University
  60. College: Faculty of Performing Arts, Banaras Hindu University
  61. College: Faculty of Sanskrit Vidya Dharma Vigyan
  62. College: Faculty of Science, Banaras Hindu University
  63. College: Faculty of Social Sciences, Banaras Hindu University
  64. College: Faculty of Visual Arts, Banaras Hindu University
  65. College: Harish Chandra Postgraduate College
  66. College: Institute of Technology and Science, Ghaziabad
  67. College: Mahila Maha Vidyalaya
  68. College: Sri Agrasen Kanya P.G. College
  69. College: Subhash Chandra Mahavidyalaya
  70. College: Sunbeam College for Women
  71. College: Vasant Kanya Mahavidyalaya
  72. College: Vasanta College for Women
  73. Company: Bayer CropScience Limited
  74. Company: CricBuzz
  75. Company: Harrild & Sons
  76. Company: Speciality Restaurants Limited
  77. Company: The Gateway Hotels & Resorts
  78. Constituency: Agra Cantonment (Assembly constituency)
  79. Constituency: Agra North (Assembly constituency)
  80. Constituency: Agra Rural (Assembly constituency)
  81. Constituency: Agra South (Assembly constituency)
  82. Constituency: Ajagara (Assembly constituency)
  83. Constituency: Akbarpur (Assembly constituency)
  84. Constituency: Aliganj (Assembly constituency)
  85. Constituency: Amanpur (Assembly constituency)
  86. Constituency: Anupshahr (Assembly constituency)
  87. Constituency: Aonla (Assembly constituency)
  88. Constituency: Atrauli (Assembly constituency)
  89. Constituency: Badaun (Assembly constituency)
  90. Constituency: Bagpat (Assembly constituency)
  91. Constituency: Bah (Assembly constituency)
  92. Constituency: Baheri (Assembly constituency)
  93. Constituency: Baldev (Assembly constituency)
  94. Constituency: Baraut (Assembly constituency)
  95. Constituency: Bareilly (Assembly constituency)
  96. Constituency: Bareilly Cantt. (Assembly constituency)
  97. Constituency: Barhapur (Assembly constituency)
  98. Constituency: Barkhera (Assembly constituency)
  99. Constituency: Behat (Assembly constituency)
  100. Constituency: Bhojipura (Assembly constituency)
  101. Constituency: Bhongaon (Assembly constituency)
  102. Constituency: Bijnor (Assembly constituency)
  103. Constituency: Bilaspur (Assembly constituency)
  104. Constituency: Bilsi (Assembly constituency)
  105. Constituency: Bisalpur (Assembly constituency)
  106. Constituency: Bisauli (Assembly constituency)
  107. Constituency: Biswan (Assembly constituency)
  108. Constituency: Bithari Chainpur (Assembly constituency)
  109. Constituency: Budhana (Assembly constituency)
  110. Constituency: Bulandshahr (Assembly constituency)
  111. Constituency: Chamraua (Assembly constituency)
  112. Constituency: Chandpur (Assembly constituency)
  113. Constituency: Charthawal (Assembly constituency)
  114. Constituency: Chhaprauli (Assembly constituency)
  115. Constituency: Chharra (Assembly constituency)
  116. Constituency: Chhata (Assembly constituency)
  117. Constituency: Dadraul (Assembly constituency)
  118. Constituency: Dadri, Uttar Pradesh (Assembly constituency)
  119. Constituency: Dataganj (Assembly constituency)
  120. Constituency: Debai (Assembly constituency)
  121. Constituency: Deoband (Assembly constituency)
  122. Constituency: Dhampur (Assembly constituency)
  123. Constituency: Dhaurahra (Assembly constituency)
  124. Constituency: Dholana (Assembly constituency)
  125. Constituency: Etah (Assembly constituency)
  126. Constituency: Etmadpur (Assembly constituency)
  127. Constituency: Faridpur (Assembly constituency)
  128. Constituency: Fatehabad (Assembly constituency)
  129. Constituency: Fatehpur Sikri (Assembly constituency)
  130. Constituency: Firozabad (Assembly constituency)
  131. Constituency: Gangoh (Assembly constituency)
  132. Constituency: Garhmukteshwar (Assembly constituency)
  133. Constituency: Ghaziabad (Assembly constituency)
  134. Constituency: Gola Gokrannath (Assembly constituency)
  135. Constituency: Goverdhan (Assembly constituency)
  136. Constituency: Hapur (Assembly constituency)
  137. Constituency: Hardoi (Assembly constituency)
  138. Constituency: Hargaon (Assembly constituency)
  139. Constituency: Harora (Assembly constituency)
  140. Constituency: Hastinapur (Assembly constituency)
  141. Constituency: Hathras (Assembly constituency)
  142. Constituency: Jalalabad (Assembly constituency)
  143. Constituency: Jalesar (Assembly constituency)
  144. Constituency: Jasrana (Assembly constituency)
  145. Constituency: Jewar (Assembly constituency)
  146. Constituency: Kairana (Assembly constituency)
  147. Constituency: Kanth (Assembly constituency)
  148. Constituency: Karhal (Assembly constituency)
  149. Constituency: Kasganj (Assembly constituency)
  150. Constituency: Kasta (Assembly constituency)
  151. Constituency: Katra (Assembly constituency)
  152. Constituency: Khatauli (Assembly constituency)
  153. Constituency: Kheragarh (Assembly constituency)
  154. Constituency: Khurja (Assembly constituency)
  155. Constituency: Kishni (Assembly constituency)
  156. Constituency: Kithore (Assembly constituency)
  157. Constituency: Koil (Assembly constituency)
  158. Constituency: Laharpur (Assembly constituency)
  159. Constituency: Lakhimpur (Assembly constituency)
  160. Constituency: Loni (Assembly constituency)
  161. Constituency: Mahmoodabad (Assembly constituency)
  162. Constituency: Maholi (Assembly constituency)
  163. Constituency: Mainpuri (Assembly constituency)
  164. Constituency: Mant (Assembly constituency)
  165. Constituency: Marhara (Assembly constituency)
  166. Constituency: Mathura (Assembly constituency)
  167. Constituency: Meerapur (Assembly constituency)
  168. Constituency: Meerganj (Assembly constituency)
  169. Constituency: Meerut Cantt. (Assembly constituency)
  170. Constituency: Meerut South (Assembly constituency)
  171. Constituency: Milak (Assembly constituency)
  172. Constituency: Misrikh (Assembly constituency)
  173. Constituency: Modinagar (Assembly constituency)
  174. Constituency: Mohammdi (Assembly constituency)
  175. Constituency: Muradnagar (Assembly constituency)
  176. Constituency: Muzaffarnagar (Assembly constituency)
  177. Constituency: Nagina (Assembly constituency)
  178. Constituency: Najibabad (Assembly constituency)
  179. Constituency: Nakur (Assembly constituency)
  180. Constituency: Naugawan Sadat (Assembly constituency)
  181. Constituency: Nawabganj (Assembly constituency)
  182. Constituency: Nehtaur (Assembly constituency)
  183. Constituency: Nighasan (Assembly constituency)
  184. Constituency: Noorpur (Assembly constituency)
  185. Constituency: Palia (Assembly constituency)
  186. Constituency: Patiyali (Assembly constituency)
  187. Constituency: Pilibhit (Assembly constituency)
  188. Constituency: Pindra (Assembly constituency)
  189. Constituency: Powayan (Assembly constituency)
  190. Constituency: Puranpur (Assembly constituency)
  191. Constituency: Purqazi (Assembly constituency)
  192. Constituency: Rampur Maniharan (Assembly constituency)
  193. Constituency: Sadabad (Assembly constituency)
  194. Constituency: Saharanpur (Assembly constituency)
  195. Constituency: Saharanpur Nagar (Assembly constituency)
  196. Constituency: Sahaswan (Assembly constituency)
  197. Constituency: Sahibabad (Assembly constituency)
  198. Constituency: Sawayazpur (Assembly constituency)
  199. Constituency: Sevata (Assembly constituency)
  200. Constituency: Shahabad (Assembly constituency)
  201. Constituency: Shahjahanpur (Assembly constituency)
  202. Constituency: Shamli (Assembly constituency)
  203. Constituency: Shekhupur (Assembly constituency)
  204. Constituency: Shikarpur (Assembly constituency)
  205. Constituency: Shikohabad (Assembly constituency)
  206. Constituency: Shivpur (Assembly constituency)
  207. Constituency: Sidhauli (Assembly constituency)
  208. Constituency: Sikandra Rao (Assembly constituency)
  209. Constituency: Sikandrabad (Assembly constituency)
  210. Constituency: Sirsaganj (Assembly constituency)
  211. Constituency: Sitapur (Assembly constituency)
  212. Constituency: Siwalkhas (Assembly constituency)
  213. Constituency: Sri Nagar (Assembly constituency)
  214. Constituency: Suar (Assembly constituency)
  215. Constituency: Syana (Assembly constituency)
  216. Constituency: Thana Bhawan (Assembly constituency)
  217. Constituency: Tilhar (Assembly constituency)
  218. Constituency: Tundla (Assembly constituency)
  219. Disambiguation: Adampur (disambiguation)
  220. Disambiguation: Bhelupur (disambiguation)
  221. Disambiguation: Durga Mandir
  222. Disambiguation: Faculty of Arts (disambiguation)
  223. Disambiguation: Faculty of Commerce
  224. Disambiguation: Faculty of Education
  225. Disambiguation: Institute of Science (disambiguation)
  226. Disambiguation: Jantar Mantar (disambiguation)
  227. Disambiguation: Lists of chancellors and vice chancellors
  228. Disambiguation: School of Management Sciences
  229. Education: Banaras Hindu University Students' Union
  230. Education: List of educational institutions in Mumbai
  231. Film: Hum Hain Kamaal Ke
  232. Film: Lottery (film)
  233. Freedom fighter: ‎Sunder Lal
  234. Freedom fighter: Samudrala Venugopal Chary
  235. Incident: Sheena Bora murder case
  236. Miscellaneous: Ice cream cart
  237. Miscellaneous: The vulture and the little girl
  238. Museum: Bharat Kala Bhavan
  239. Organization: Uttar Pradesh Tourism
  240. Place: Amara Khaira Chak
  241. Place: Benipur
  242. Place: Bhagawanpur, Varanasi
  243. Place: Bhelupur, Varanasi
  244. Place: Birbhanpur
  245. Place: Dindaspur
  246. Place: Harpal Pur
  247. Place: Hiranandani Gardens, Mumbai
  248. Place: Kakarmatta
  249. Place: Mar­ih
  250. Place: Pindra
  251. Place: Salarpur
  252. Place: Sir Gobardhan
  253. Place: Susuwahi
  254. Place: Suzabad
  255. Place: Syana Tehsil
  256. Place: Umarha
  257. Place: Varanasi cantonment
  258. Place: Varanasi Tehsil
  259. Point of interest: Bademiya
  260. Point of interest: Bara Gumbad
  261. Point of interest: Cafe Mondegar
  262. Point of interest: Chandavaram Buddhist site
  263. Point of interest: Ganga Mahal Ghat (I)
  264. Point of interest: Jantar Mantar, Varanasi
  265. Point of interest: Lalita Ghat
  266. Point of interest: Shisha Gumbad
  267. Point of interest: Tomb of Sikandar Lodi
  268. Point of interest: Vidhan Bhawan
  269. Politician: Abid Raza Khan
  270. Politician: Agys Ramsaran Verma
  271. Politician: Ajay Dutt
  272. Politician: Ajesh Yadav
  273. Politician: Akhilesh Pratap Singh
  274. Politician: Ali Yusuf Ali
  275. Politician: Allola Indrakaran Reddy
  276. Politician: Alok Kumar
  277. Politician: Amanatullah Khan
  278. Politician: Amarpal Sharma
  279. Politician: Amit Gaurav
  280. Politician: Aneesurrehman
  281. Politician: Anil Kumar Bajpai
  282. Politician: Anil Kumar (Politician)
  283. Politician: Anoop Kumar Gupta
  284. Politician: Arun Kumar (politician)
  285. Politician: Ashfaq Ali Khan
  286. Politician: Ashish Kumar Yadav
  287. Politician: Ashish Yadav
  288. Politician: Ashok Kumar Walia
  289. Politician: Ashutosh Maurya
  290. Politician: Asim Ahmed Khan
  291. Politician: Ataurrehman
  292. Politician: Avtar Singh (politician)
  293. Politician: Awasthi Bala Prasad
  294. Politician: Babu Khan
  295. Politician: Banshi Singh
  296. Politician: Bhagvan Singh Kushwaha
  297. Politician: Bhagwan Sharma
  298. Politician: Bhavna Gaur
  299. Politician: Bimla Singh Solanki
  300. Politician: Brajesh Katheriya
  301. Politician: C. Madhava Reddy
  302. Politician: Chaudhary Yashpal Singh
  303. Politician: Chitranjan Swaroop
  304. Politician: Chotelal Verma
  305. Politician: Devendra Agrawal
  306. Politician: Devinder Kumar Sehrawat
  307. Politician: Dharam Pal Singh
  308. Politician: Dharam Singh Saini
  309. Politician: Dharampal Singh
  310. Politician: Dharmesh Singh Tomar
  311. Politician: Dilnawaz Khan
  312. Politician: G. Narayan Reddy
  313. Politician: G. Narsimha Reddy
  314. Politician: Gajendra Singh (politician)
  315. Politician: Gajraj Singh
  316. Politician: Genda Lal Chaudhary
  317. Politician: Ghulam Mohammed (Politician)
  318. Politician: Gulab Singh (politician)
  319. Politician: Gutiyari Lal Duwesh
  320. Politician: Hariom Yadav
  321. Politician: Harvindar Kumar Sahani
  322. Politician: Hazari Lal Chauhan
  323. Politician: Hemlata Chaudhary
  324. Politician: Hemraj Verma
  325. Politician: Imran Hussain (Indian politician)
  326. Politician: Iqbal (Politician)
  327. Politician: Jagan Prasad Garg
  328. Politician: Jagdish Pradhan
  329. Politician: Jagpal
  330. Politician: Jamil Ahmad Qasmi
  331. Politician: Jitender Singh Tomar
  332. Politician: K. Ashanna
  333. Politician: Kailash Gahlot
  334. Politician: Kali Charan Suman
  335. Politician: Kartar Singh Bhadana
  336. Politician: Kartar Singh Tanwar
  337. Politician: Kiran Walia
  338. Politician: Krishna Gopal Patel
  339. Politician: Laxmi Gautam
  340. Politician: Lokendra Singh (politician)
  341. Politician: Lokesh Dixit
  342. Politician: Madan Chauhan
  343. Politician: Mahabir Singh Rana
  344. Politician: Mahaveer Singh Rana
  345. Politician: Mahendra Singh Patel
  346. Politician: Mamtesh Shakya
  347. Politician: Manish Asiza
  348. Politician: Manish Rawat
  349. Politician: Manoj Kumar Paras
  350. Politician: Manpal Singh
  351. Politician: Mansoor Ali Khan (Politician)
  352. Politician: Maviya Ali
  353. Politician: Mohammad Ghazi (politician)
  354. Politician: Mohammad Irfan (Politician)
  355. Politician: Mohammad Ishraque
  356. Politician: Mohammad Jasmir Ansari
  357. Politician: Mohammad Rizwan (Politician)
  358. Politician: Mohammad Yusuf Ansari
  359. Politician: Mohd. Aleem Khan
  360. Politician: Mohinder Goyal
  361. Politician: Mukesh Sharma
  362. Politician: Musarrat Ali Bittan
  363. Politician: Muthiam Reddy
  364. Politician: Nahid Hasan
  365. Politician: Najeeva Khan Zeenat
  366. Politician: Narayan Dutt Sharma
  367. Politician: Naresh Balyan
  368. Politician: Naresh Chandra Agrawal
  369. Politician: Naresh Yadav
  370. Politician: Nawab Jan
  371. Politician: Nawazish Alam Khan
  372. Politician: Neeraj Kushawaha
  373. Politician: Nirbhay Pal Sharma
  374. Politician: Nitin Agrawal
  375. Politician: Nitin Tyagi
  376. Politician: Noor Saleem Rana
  377. Politician: Om Kumar
  378. Politician: Om Prakash Verma (politician)
  379. Politician: Omkar Singh Yadav
  380. Politician: P. Narsa Reddy
  381. Politician: Pankaj Kumar Malik
  382. Politician: Pankaj Pushkar
  383. Politician: Parmila Tokas
  384. Politician: Pawan Kumar Sharma
  385. Politician: Peetam Ram
  386. Politician: Pinki Singh
  387. Politician: Poddutoori Ganga Reddy
  388. Politician: Pooran Prakash
  389. Politician: Prabhu Dayal Balmiki
  390. Politician: Pradeep Choudhary
  391. Politician: Pradeep Mathur
  392. Politician: Praveen Kumar (Delhi politician)
  393. Politician: Radhey Shyam Jaisawal
  394. Politician: Raghuvinder Shokeen
  395. Politician: Raja Mahendra Aridaman Singh
  396. Politician: Rajendra Pal Gautam
  397. Politician: Rajendra Singh Rana
  398. Politician: Rajesh Gupta
  399. Politician: Rajesh Rishi
  400. Politician: Rajesh Yadav (politician)
  401. Politician: Rajiv Gumber
  402. Politician: Rajkumar Rawat
  403. Politician: Raju Yadav
  404. Politician: Rakesh Babu
  405. Politician: Rakesh Kumar (politician)
  406. Politician: Ram Murti Verma
  407. Politician: Ram Niwas Goel
  408. Politician: Ram Pal Rajwanshi
  409. Politician: Ram Singh Netaji
  410. Politician: Rameshwar Singh Yadav
  411. Politician: Ramhet Bharti
  412. Politician: Ramkhiladi Singh Yadav
  413. Politician: Rammurti Singh Verma
  414. Politician: Rampal Yadav
  415. Politician: Ramsaran
  416. Politician: Ramveer Singh
  417. Politician: Ramveer Upadhyay
  418. Politician: Ramvir Singh Bidhuri
  419. Politician: Ranjeet Suman
  420. Politician: Ravinder Kumar Molhu
  421. Politician: Ravindra Jaiswal
  422. Politician: Ravindra Kumar Bhadana
  423. Politician: Rituraj Govind
  424. Politician: Riyaz Ahmad
  425. Politician: Roshan Lal Verma
  426. Politician: Ruchi Veera
  427. Politician: S. A. Devshah
  428. Politician: S.K. Bagga
  429. Politician: Sahi Ram
  430. Politician: Sakuntla Devi
  431. Politician: Sandeep Kumar (politician)
  432. Politician: Sanjay Kapoor (politician)
  433. Politician: Sarita Singh
  434. Politician: Satveer Singh Gurjar
  435. Politician: Satya Prakash Agarwal
  436. Politician: Shahid Manzoor
  437. Politician: Shameemul Haq
  438. Politician: Shamsher Bahadur (politician)
  439. Politician: Shazil Islam Ansari
  440. Politician: Shiv Charan Goel
  441. Politician: Shri Dutt Sharma
  442. Politician: Shyam Sunder Sharma
  443. Politician: Sinod Kumar Shakya
  444. Politician: Siyaram Sagar
  445. Politician: Sobaran Singh Yadav
  446. Politician: Sudesh Sharma
  447. Politician: Sukhvir Singh
  448. Politician: Sultan Baig
  449. Politician: Sunil Kumar Lala
  450. Politician: Surajpal Singh
  451. Politician: Suresh Bansal
  452. Politician: Suresh Kumar Khanna
  453. Politician: Suresh Rana
  454. Politician: Swami Prasad Maurya
  455. Politician: Tasleem
  456. Politician: Tejpal Singh
  457. Politician: Thakur Mool Chand Chauhan
  458. Politician: Tribhuvan Ram
  459. Politician: Uday Lal Maurya
  460. Politician: Ved Parkash
  461. Politician: Vedram Bhati
  462. Politician: Vijay Singh (Indian politician)
  463. Politician: Vijender Garg Vijay
  464. Politician: Vimla Batham
  465. Politician: Vinay Tiwari
  466. Politician: Vir Pal
  467. Politician: Virendra Singh (politician)
  468. Politician: Viresh Yadav
  469. Politician: Vyaspur
  470. Politician: Yogendra Upadhyaya
  471. Politician: Zakir Ali
  472. Politician: Zameer Ullah Khan
  473. Politics: Chief Electoral Officer of Uttar Pradesh
  474. Politics: Fifth Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  475. Politics: First Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  476. Politics: First Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh
  477. Politics: Fourth Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  478. Politics: Ittehad-e-Millat Council
  479. Politics: Member of parliament (India)
  480. Politics: Member of parliament, Lok Sabha
  481. Politics: Member of parliament, Rajya Sabha
  482. Politics: Second Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh
  483. Politics: Sixteenth Legislative Assembly of Uttar Pradesh
  484. Politics: Sixth Legislative Assembly of Delhi
  485. Product: Everest (cigarette)
  486. Product: SMAK (brand)
  487. Product: Wills Navy Cut
  488. Railway station: Babatpur railway station
  489. Railway station: Kashi Railway station
  490. Railway station: Varanasi City railway station
  491. Religion: Tirth Pat
  492. School: Besant Theosophical School
  493. School: C.M. Anglo Bengali College
  494. School: Central Hindu Boys School
  495. School: Central Hindu Girls School
  496. School: St. Theresa’s Boys High School
  497. School: W. H. Smith Memorial School
  498. Soap opera: Thapki Pyar Ki
  499. Sportsperson: Shubham Jaglan
  500. Temple: Annapurna Devi Mandir
  501. Temple: Bharat Mata Mandir
  502. Temple: Durga Mandir, Varanasi
  503. Temple: Kaal Bhairav Mandir, Varanasi
  504. Temple: Lalita Gauri Mandir
  505. Temple: Mrityunjay Mahadev Mandir
  506. Temple: Nepali Mandir
  507. Temple: New Vishwanath Temple
  508. Temple: Sankata Devi Mandir
  509. Temple: Sankata Temple
  510. Temple: Seema Malaka
  511. Temple: Shri Tilbhandeshwar Mahadev Mandir
  512. Temple: Tulsi Manas Mandir
  513. University: Ayush & Health Sciences University Chhattisgarh
  514. University: Banaras Hindu University, South campus
  515. University: Chaudhary Bansi Lal University
  516. University: Chaudhary Ranbir Singh University
  517. University: Chhattisgarh Kamdhenu Vishwavidyalaya
  518. University: Children's University
  519. University: Uttarakhand Sanskrit University
  520. Village: Adampur, Varanasi
  521. Village: Adhkatiya Kala Khas
  522. Village: Aharak
  523. Village: Ahiran, Pindra
  524. Village: Ahirani, Pindra
  525. Village: Airla
  526. Village: Aitha
  527. Village: Ajaipur
  528. Village: Akhari
  529. Village: Akorha
  530. Village: Amaut
  531. Village: Amawar
  532. Village: Amilo
  533. Village: Amilo, Varanasi
  534. Village: Aneai
  535. Village: Anura, Varanasi
  536. Village: Araji Hasanpur
  537. Village: Araji Line
  538. Village: Arazi Tari
  539. Village: Ashapur, Pindra
  540. Village: Ashwari
  541. Village: Aswalpur
  542. Village: Auraon
  543. Village: Ausanpur
  544. Village: Azoarepur
  545. Village: Babatpur
  546. Village: Bachaura
  547. Village: Badhauna
  548. Village: Baghaita
  549. Village: Baharipur
  550. Village: Baliakheri
  551. Village: Basni
  552. Village: Chadpur
  553. Village: Dabethuwa
  554. Village: Deorai
  555. Village: Eshipur
  556. Village: Gang Khurd
  557. Village: Harora Aht.
  558. Village: Harora Must.
  559. Village: Kathiraon
  560. Village: Lerhupur
  561. Village: Murdi, Pindra
  562. Village: Phoolpur

Non-admin AfD closures[edit]

Following are the non-admin AfD closures by me (in alphabetical order).

  1. 1 koruna (World War II Bohemian and Moravian coin) (Keep)
  2. 2016 Delta Air Lines power outage (Redirect)
  3. 2016 Ottawa sinkhole (Redirect)
  4. 2016–17 Calcutta Football League Premier Division (Redirect)
  5. 2016–17 Weber State Wildcats men's basketball team (Keep)
  6. Aaj Aari Kal Bhab (Keep)
  7. Aaron Cohen (judoka) (Keep)
  8. Abhinay Banker (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  9. Abington Art Center (Keep)
  10. Accession of the United Kingdom to the European Economic Community (Keep)
  11. Activity centre (Keep)
  12. Alexa Jones (Redirect)
  13. Allity (Keep)
  14. Alysha Harris (Redirect)
  15. Amanda Tapley (Redirect)
  16. American Nitrox Divers International (Keep)
  17. Anna Laura Bryan (Redirect)
  18. April Nelson (Redirect)
  19. Arian controversy (Keep)
  20. Arlie Honeycutt (Redirect)
  21. Arsen Panosyan (Keep)
  22. Art Stewart (producer) (Keep)
  23. Ashok Siddharth (Keep)
  24. Azie Faison (Keep)
  25. Baby Grandmothers (Keep)
  26. Bill Gurley (Keep)
  27. Blancco Technology Group plc (Keep)
  28. Boa Sr. (Keep)
  29. Bond Aviation Group (Keep)
  30. Brandon Iron (Keep)
  31. Broken People (Redirect)
  32. Careful With That Axe (John 5 album) (Keep)
  33. Carolina Calvache (Keep)
  34. Carrot Top Records (Keep)
  35. Catherine Crosby (Redirect)
  36. Chaldean Christians (Keep)
  37. Charles H. Cochrane (Keep)
  38. Chinna Cinema (Keep)
  39. Christ Institute of Technology (CIT) (Keep)
  40. Concerned Criminals Action Committee (Keep)
  41. Copper loss (Keep)
  42. Costas Panagopolous (Keep)
  43. Courtney Porter (Redirect)
  44. Crashlytics (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  45. Dan Avidan (Keep)
  46. Dave Weasel (Keep)
  47. Deep Jwele Jaai (TV series) (Keep)
  48. Deewana (TV series) (Keep)
  49. Derek Hutch (Keep)
  50. Diancastra (Merge)
  51. Dragonology (Keep)
  52. Drake Caggiula (Keep)
  53. Drowtales (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  54. Eamonn Cooke (Keep)
  55. Eduard Einstein (2nd nomination) (Merge)
  56. Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010 (Keep)
  57. Fetal psychology (Redirect)
  58. Flog (Keep)
  59. G. Nanchil Kumaran (Keep)
  60. Gabriella Taylor (Redirect)
  61. Gangnam murder case (Keep)
  62. Garbage (song) (Redirect)
  63. Garik Papoyan (Keep)
  64. Gerald Uelmen (Keep)
  65. Gerry (company) (Keep)
  66. GGZ (Keep)
  67. GMA The Heart of Asia (Keep)
  68. Grand opening (Keep)
  69. Granddaddy Purple (GDP) (Keep)
  70. Great Lakes Junior Hockey League (Keep)
  71. Gustaw Marek Brzezin (Keep)
  72. Gzim Selmani (Keep)
  73. Hans Sandrock (Keep)
  74. Harambe (Keep)
  75. Harry Porterfield (Keep)
  76. Heaven (Inna song) (Keep)
  77. Homonationalism (Keep)
  78. Honduran folklore (Keep)
  79. Hoorsenbuhs (Keep)
  80. Ines Temple (Keep)
  81. Iselilja (given name) (Keep)
  82. Jamie Langley (Miss Alabama) (Redirect)
  83. Jasper Knight (Keep)
  84. Jean-Michel Coulon (No Consensus)
  85. Jennifer Dupont (Redirect)
  86. Jesse Carere (Keep)
  87. Jessie Allen (Redirect)
  88. Jitendra Mishra (Keep)
  89. John W. Goode (Keep)
  90. Kailee Dunn (Redirect)
  91. Khalid ibn al-Walid Army (Keep)
  92. Khokababu (TV series) (Keep)
  93. King Crimson Live in Mainz (Keep)
  94. Kristin George (2nd nomination) (Redirect)
  95. Larry Miller (artist) (Keep)
  96. LCBO Agency (Merge)
  97. Lester Nygaard (Keep)
  98. Lil Ugly Mane (Keep)
  99. List of 88 films releases (Keep)
  100. List of aircraft (0-A) (Keep)
  101. List of Australian Ambassadors to Venezuela (No Consensus)
  102. List of Australian middleweight boxing champions (Keep)
  103. List of formerly unidentified decedents (Keep)
  104. List of horror video games (Keep)
  105. List of murdered American children (Keep)
  106. List of National Institute of Technology, Tiruchirappalli alumni (Redirect)
  107. List of street view services (Keep)
  108. List of The Idolmaster characters (Keep)
  109. Machine (film) (Keep)
  110. Maggie Pierce (Redirect)
  111. Magic: The Gathering rules (3rd nomination) (Keep)
  112. Mary T. McDowell (Keep)
  113. Meg McGuffin (Redirect)
  114. MIDACO (Keep)
  115. Mimi Soltysik presidential campaign, 2016 (Keep)
  116. Mohammad Alavi (game developer) (Keep)
  117. Mort Glickman (Keep)
  118. Munem Wasif (Keep)
  119. Myra Louise Taylor (Keep)
  120. NAHBGreen (Keep)
  121. Native American Music Awards (Keep)
  122. NetHope (Keep)
  123. Niagara Public School (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  124. Nightstick (film) (Keep)
  125. No Cross, No Crown (Keep)
  126. Olympus-class corvette (Redirect)
  127. Orlacher Bach (Keep)
  128. Paul Alexander Sutton (Keep)
  129. Penetralia (Keep)
  130. Penn Foster Career School (Keep)
  131. Philip Scholz (Keep)
  132. Phuket FantaSea (Keep)
  133. Pollyanna Woodward (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  134. PowerBar (Keep)
  135. Priyanka Panchal (Keep)
  136. Punyi Pukur (Keep)
  137. Reactions to the July 2016 Kabul bombing (Merge)
  138. Reina Almon (Redirect)
  139. Rich The Kid (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  140. Richhill A.F.C. (Keep)
  141. Rudolf Roy (No Consensus)
  142. Sade Aiyeku (Redirect)
  143. Salvatore Zofrea (Keep)
  144. Sean Collins (ice hockey forward, born 1983) (Keep)
  145. Senator Murphy gun control filibuster (Keep)
  146. Shannon Camper (Redirect)
  147. Sir Winston and the Commons (Keep)
  148. Skin Cancer: Recognition and Management (Keep)
  149. SMK Kok Lanas (Keep)
  150. SMK Mahsuri (Keep)
  151. SMK Raja Muda (Keep)
  152. Southern Levant (Keep)
  153. Speedy (musician) (Keep)
  154. Steam into History (2nd nomination) (Keep)
  155. Sugarmorphoses (Redirect)
  156. Surface Accessories (Keep)
  157. Taman Jurong Bus Terminal (Redirect)
  158. Telangana Social Welfare Residential Schools (Keep)
  159. Thank You Berty (Keep)
  160. The Cassette Tape 1994 (Redirect)
  161. The Fry Bread House (Keep)
  162. The Leona Group (Keep)
  163. The Pioneer Trail (tour) (Keep)
  164. Thik Jeno Love Story (Keep)
  165. Two Men and a Truck (Keep)
  166. Vladimir Gerdt (Keep)
  167. Webe Kadima (Keep)
  168. White Nights (badminton) (Keep)
  169. Xaphan: Book of Angels Volume 9 (Keep)
  170. Yamaha Champions Riding School (Keep)
  171. ZenGems (Redirect)
  172. Špiro Kulišić (Keep)
  173. Željko Loparić (Keep)

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