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Hopefully, I will only be here very intermittently from now on.

Some of the format of this page borrowed from BookgirlST. Most of this page not very up to date.

My interests at the moment[edit]

I started these pages (and probably some others I've forgotten about)[edit]

I have significantly contributed to these pages (and probably some others)[edit]

Things to do[edit]

Pages I plan to create (unless I get distracted by something else first)[edit]

I would describe myself as[edit]

  • An eventualist, with inclusionist tendencies
  • Highly eclectic (just look at the lists above)
  • Aiming for compromise (though sometimes failing)
  • Ruthless with spam and other unnecessary external links
  • Less interested in Wikipedia politics than I probably ought to be. I know intellectually that it's important - vital, in fact - to work out issues like how we deal with disruptive users, dispute resolution policies, and so on. But that doesn't mean I can get up any enthusiasm for most of that stuff.
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