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Hello, I am AS_Artimour and have being going by this alias for a few years now. I have mainly joined wikipedia because I noticed my contributions were growing in number and I decided to officially affiliate myself with this wonderful site. If anybody wishes to comunicate with me they may do so in my disscussion section.

MR MM DAVIS Hi my top wisdom teeth came out at the age of 28 and my bottom two wisdom teeth is pushing out slightly and Im 37yrs and 8 months old, I almost have a full set accept the dentist removed one premolar at 28yrs which I regret today because at the time I could not afford fillings and it was my wisdom teeth that made my other teeth pain, and the dentist took two hour two remove that premolar with a 15 minute break in between eventually he broke the tooth bit by bit leaving the root behind at 30 my top wisdom teeth pained, I told that story to this female dentist so this dentist refuse to pull my wisdom tooth and told me the pain will go away and it did. I would recommend anyone to rather repair their teeth than to remove it. I believe if you extract your wisdom teeth its bad luck!