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a little insignificant


Don't look at me!

a little insignificant

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The Think Box

I am currently around. Yay for me!

Maryland time
October 2016
9:41 pm U-5

About me

I live in the US state of Maryland, which is a pretty nice place to live in. So I have no regrets about living there. Except when it gets very chilly, and the warm, shark-infested waters of California look so inviting... umm... I like writing, and I like humor. I also like small furry animals. But if I had to pick one of the three, it would probably be the small furry animals.

What I do on Wikipedia

I revert vandalism. ...You were expecting more? Fine. I brutally revert evil vandals with a chainsaw.

Talking Smiley Garden

Hover your mouses (mice) over the smileys here. I wrote in a unique phrase for each and every one. They all say something different. Try it!

Bonjour! Comment vas-tu? Hiya! Hi! Hello! Nice to see you! I'm so happy! Are you happy? It's a nice day. Yay! Eew, is that a mouse? Hi there! Lol. I feel happy! Yay! I met this turtle, but he didn't like me. My teddy bear is so cute! Mine's cuter! Hi! Just the kind of day that makes you feel good. I want candy. Hi there! Hmmm hmm hmmmmmm...
I think you need love. Yo there! Cheese is good. Pleasant day, eh? Nobody here but us potatoes. I'm so happy! Are you happy? Happiness is good. It makes me happy. Lmao. I had a pet bulldozer for a short time. Look! Up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's- SUPERMOUSE! I wish I had ears. Giddyup! Hello! I drink your MILKSHAKE! 30 pixels and counting! I'm all smiles today! Did you hear about that new movie? Lala la. It's gonna be awesome!
What happens if I fall off this row into the abyss? Thanks to Bugboy52.40 for his awesome work on my userpage! I feel dizzy. I feel religious! The guy next to me is saying weird things. Is he okay? OMG Bugzorz imma moofzors!!1!11 He worries me. Rofl. I can't speak internet. I wonder what would happen if I shouted "FIRE!"? Creepy leprechauns are not a reliable source. Hello! Buy one, get none free. I feel warm and fuzzy inside. To be or not to be? That is the question. Achoo! Om nom nom. Woohoo! Greetings, weary editor! Would you like a drink? I don't have any. Sorry. Did you know? No, I didn't!
I need putanesca. Here's a llama, there's a llama... Look! Nirvana! ^_^ Emoticons with emoticons? That's a new one. A picnic would be nice. Are there enchiladas in heaven? The dog ate my featured article. R!!lkhblhb. H7ubis? I agree! BLEHEHEHehehe... And just like that, the fat man walked off and never came back. I feel like a post-it note. Time for beddie bye-bye! I need a hug. Lolllolllllololol. Let's all go to the lobby! <Insert political comment here> Squirrel! Can you direct me to the nearest telephone brooth? I have an important massage. Maple syrup is NOT candy. But it tastes so good! Don't trust any shady leprechauns.
I met this famous Persian poet the other day. Hi there! As my expression indicates, I am clearly enjoying unimaginable bliss. I baked you a pie but I eated it. Roflmao. This mouse displeases me. Take my advice. Leprechauns = :( I rock out to imaginary tunes! Sweet and sour sauce makes me happy. For pony! I am up with the chickens and down with the chickens, yo. Quack, quack. For every one of these smiley faces I wrote in a unique phrase. It's like a wall of happiness. Order in the court. Will you be my friend? Check here if you have read all or most of the above. Lol, I said! LOL!! Now sounds like a good time to discuss contemporary modernism. Eenie, meenie, miney, moe. I'm irresponsible. Hola. Honk if you like quiche!
300-page paper on the subject of grizzly bears. Guilty, I say, guilty! Gigantic ancient Norse hammers make for fun party games! I love you. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight. Wherefore art thou Romeo? An eye for an eye for an eye for an etc. THE CAKE IS A LIE I've heard a couple of smileys link to strange places. One's in this row, if I'm not mistaken. Rolling back and forth... Help, I've lost my daughter in the crowd. You know those little flash drives they have nowadays? I like them. I'm so happy. Hi there! Are you lost? I once met a man named Osiris. I'll be editing until I sleeps. They're watching you. They're watching US. Hmm? Oh, hi. You stand before the inventor of the opinion. Heyyy! How are you, <SUBJECT NAME HERE>? I haven't seen you since <DATE>! There's a row below me. I wonder if the smileys there are just like us? Chicken to China!
My userspace is big. There's even a backstage area. November 23, 2009- SMILEYS ON ICE. Come one, come all! I hugged a cactus once, because it felt bad. Userboxes are for people who like userboxes. Hello there. Yea, and the angel of Death did come/and hung with us for a while/and we went to Disneyland/and got cotton candy. Party at Winther's place, don't tell Winther. What do you get if you multiply six by seven? Let's sing the uncomfortable truths song! I have nominated myself for GA status. Could I possibly be any happier? I think not. Do you like apple pie? Two words:Egyptian pizza. I feel happy. I feel existential and happy. Assume good faith and stuff. You'll regret it if you don't. You fill my whole world with joy. Oops, I forgot to prepare a phrase. I like music. Do you like music? The person next to me is easily distracted. BUNNY! There's a row above me. I wonder if the smileys there are just like us? The Chinese Chicken!
Doom comes in the form of a big red pen. My spoon is too big. Whee! Apple pie without apples? That makes no sense! How am I supposed to finish reading this encyclopedia if you people keep adding things?! Ice cream or iced cream? I'm happy. Oh no! Entomophobia! Nobody thinks it's your fault. It's your fault. I like pie more than I like ice cream. CANNOT COMPUTE ASK AGAIN LATER. I got you a present! Hiiiiiiiiii! Don't let the guards catch you! Thank you Mario, but our princess is in another castle. Oh, I'm so happy. Endless happiness. Pure ecstasy. Everybody love hypocrisy! DO NOT PRESS Woohoo, woo hoo hoo! I feel like a million pounds! Have you lost weight? My evil plan is foiled! :(
This dress is best! Good day, sir. Would like chips? I would like chips. Why are you looking at me? Did I do something wrong? I get all my news from Uncyclopedia. The kind of edits I make require protective armour. That's a colorful colour! We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of wizz. I'm made of text! Smile for the camera! I met this shady leprechaun the other day. He sold me some shady goods. All life stems from candy. My cousin Phil lives on a barnstar template. I dreamed that I was eaten by a clown. I'm a professional doodler. You're a very nice person, and people say good things about you. What's the best kind of sandwich? My name is Bumbles! I want a spaceship for my birthday. I don't believe in maple syrup candy. Punching bags aren't so fun if you don't have hands. Yo ho! and a bottle of rum. I'm bored. Amuse me!
Oh... you're not who I though you were. The light... the light is calling me. 54 bottles of beer on the wall, 54 bottles of beer... Pleh! Sdrawkcab gniklat m'i! Have you seen my juice box? Every smiley here has something different to say. And some... some hold secrets. Putanesca has its own special place in my heart. Hammer scare me, but only slightly. Eek! Look, my speech bubble is squarical. You kids get off mah lawn! I hate Mondays. Butterflies make me happy. Not that I could be any happier, mind you. Help, I've lost my mommy. *Yawn* Ghasp! Vandalism! Don't worry, ma'am! I'll save you! Please stop poking me with your cursor. Je ne parle pas français! ...Are you edible? I am attracted to shiny things. I'm round! Lolllloloollllollllll.
There was an accident in the lab. Delete me, I've got no reliable references. DON'T PANIC. Smeet religious deity! Psst! There's a secret at the bottom of the syntax of this page. But I said nothing. You never met me. Oh, bother. I have an excuse. I had this dream that I was chasing you around with a horde of angry horsemen who had never seen a shower. Spare some change for those who can't get no satisfaction? I've been voted sexiest smiley in the world. I'm an undercover agent! My house has been ransacked by a shady leprechaun! Stranger danger! Don't worry, I'm sure Godot is just in bad traffic or something. Do you solemnly swear never to swear? Heeeeeeeeeeeeee! Ignore all undesirable rules. My roflcopter goes soisoisoisoisoi It's my birthday! Buy me cake. Thank you for thanking me for thanking you. Attack of the mutant... ninja... zombie... bumblebee pirates... from Mars? I'm not very good at scaring people. My face should be on M&M's.