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i almost always use aaa3 as name, but it was
already in use when i registered (2007. VIII. 18.),
thats why this name.

contribution: mostly minor corections[edit]

hu Ennek a szerkesztőnek magyar az anyanyelve.
Search user languages -- on commons -- my uploads (now sadly cluttered multipage w notmywks) -- wow a globalcontribs tool - these 3 lines 2011nov

  • ok, well, i didnt think this will come one day, but now i cant say anymore i did only minor corections (even if i intended to stay on that level) -- i've corrected soooooooo many articles today about
    mis-spellings, orphaned articles, links, even improving some stubs with data, adding categories/templates, and made a nice big template :) ...

    2009. II. 7.

a caption i wrote i like