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A Little Bit About Me[edit]

I am a graduate Student at Indiana University – Purdue University Indianapolis getting my Master's in Museum Studies. I am currently working on the Wikipedia Saves Public Art: Indiana Statehouse.

In my Collections Care and Management class each student has two pieces of artwork to research as a final project for the class. However, instead of writing a paper to turn in, all our research will be added to Wikipedia acting as a Content management system like those found in museums.

Draft Box[edit]

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My Thoughts[edit]

Wikipedia Reflections

Interests and Hobbies[edit]

Images From the Brooklyn Museum[edit]

Just a couple of images that caught my eye in the Brooklyn Museum's image collection in Wikimedia Commons Brooklyn Museum - A Resting Place of Prisoners - Vasili Vereshchagin

Brooklyn Museum - An Old Road in Wales - Ernest Parton - overall