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Born in the Netherlands in 1976. As a teenager, I was a volunteer on one of the first Dutch narrow gauge railway preservation initiatives, the Pony- en Motortram 't Joppe (nl). The latter Dutch Wikipedia article was my first Wikipedia contribution ever, as an anonymous user.

I started on the English Wikipedia on 5 November 2011 with creating the Two-foot-gauge railways in South Africa article, which I consider my magnum opus.

I have a great interest in narrow gauge railways, especially the Two foot and 600 mm gauge railways.

Apart from contributing to the WikiProject Trains I use Wikipedia for my other interests like geopolitics, personal development and history.that is very good

Overview of my Wikipedia contributions[edit]

Articles created from scratch[edit]

Articles translated from other wikis[edit]

(predominantly "summarized" translations)

The Narrow Gauge Railways by Country Project[edit]

When I first discovered the narrow gauge railway aricle, the "Narrow gauge railways by country" section had grown extremely large, containing over 100,000 bytes ([1]). From 28 July 2013 I started forking many countries into their own respective articles and expanded its contents:

I moved the remainder in the narrow gauge railways by continent articles and created the Navbox Narrow gauge railways by continent:

The narrow gauge railway article was now reduced to less than 20,000 bytes. Then I continued to create narrow gauge railways by country articles:


Forked from Three foot six inch gauge railways and Category:2 ft 6 in gauge railways:

Forked from Three foot gauge railways and Category:3 ft gauge railways (Most of its content was contributed by User:Jackdude):

Started from list of track gauges and Category:600 mm gauge railways / Category:2 ft gauge railways, much research on the internet and contributions of other editors:

Forked from list of track gauges and Category:750 mm gauge railways / Category:900 mm gauge railways:

From History of rail transport in Morocco:

From Kunming–Hai Phong Railway: