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Aaron Hall is currently a programmer who works in a financial services firm in NYC. He works in Risk Architecture in a Python programming environment.


Aaron C Hall has an MBA from UWF. He left the doctoral finance program of the College of Business at Florida State University in Tallahassee.


After winning the Business Strategy Game in his final MBA class, strategy, he won the Business Strategy Game Invitational and title of Business Strategy Champion, competing against international students from around the world. [1]

Aaron is also a National Merit Scholar. He prequalified for the distinction by performing exceptionally well on his PSATs, even when told by his teacher that his school would receive more money if everyone did poorly and that there was no upside to doing well. After confirming his performance with his SAT score and academic performance, he achieved this award, which gave him a full scholarship at FSU.

Personal Information[edit]

Aaron C Hall grew up in Milton, Florida. He took piano and taekwondo lessons as a child, and played on soccer and baseball teams. He mostly read books. He had several best friends. He was saved by Jesus at age 7. He was home-schooled in the eighth grade. He was the only National Merit Scholar in his class, and for several years at his school. This distinction earned him a full scholarship to Florida State University, where he majored in political science and real estate. Courses that he particularly enjoyed were: abnormal psychology, choral union, men's collegians, financial and managerial accounting, insurance, corporate and business finance, real estate appraisal, finance, and feasibility, and the American Presidency. Activities enjoyed were participating in Baptist Campus Ministries, debating fellow students, campus activism, College Republicans, and playing StarCraft in the quad. When he moved to Pensacola to be closer to his job, he began attending church at Marcus Pointe Baptist Church, where he met Natalie Palaguta. He married her in August 2005. He taught an advanced financial strategies class at his church.