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Me in Hillerød in the summer of 2005. It is possible to see Frederiksborg Palace in the background

Hello fellow wikipedians. Welcome to my user page.

My user name is my surname, my full name is Christian H. Aastrup. I am a Mathematics and Economics major from the University of Copenhagen. Finance and Statistics are my main interests. It is, however, not only in the fields of Finance and Statistics that I have contributed to Wikipedia: I have expanded several articles about the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen e.g. Ole Lukøje.

If you'd like to contact me, please do so at my email wikistuff(a)

What I have created[edit]

What I have edited[edit]

  • Law of large numbers - I have made the proof of the weak law more clear. I plan to add a proof of the strong law as well.
  • Some pages about the fairy tales by HC Andersen
  • Karl Rove, which is a page that often gets edited and reverted again (The edit that stated that he was raised by wolfes was funny though not true). I've added a screen shot from a episode of American Dad in which Karl Rove appears.
  • I have made Doob a disambiguation page, it is more than just a slang for marijuana.

My own pictures which I have deemed relevant to wikipedia and released into the public domain[edit]