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Today's motto...
Watch your mouth.

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About me

I am a Software Developer. I am originally from Missouri and have a BSBA in CIS/Accounting.

Although, I am not new to editing, this is only a hobbie I indulge in from time to time so if I have missed a change in policy or made a mistake please let me know. I am using this page as my first shot at this and my first real edit will probably be my home town.

Edited articles

I have made some edits reverted some vandelism, and corrected a few typos. I have not finished this page much less had the time for quality editing and I refuse to do any other kind. Please refer to my contributions page for more in depth description (Those in bold were created by me)

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Links for Myself[edit]

User Pages I Have Drawn Ideas From[edit]



Abernaki at DMOZ

Abernaki (* 1994 in Warrensburg)

Wikipedian since: 2. June 2006


Under Contributions you find all of the articles I provided, worked on substantially extended. You will also find a list of articles, which I currently working on or plan to in the future. My principle interest in the Wikipedia applies to Portal:St Louis. and Portal:KC areas including my home town.


Photos that I have made or taken and uploaded to Wikipedia or those I plan to make. Old Drum Statue and Old Courthouse in Warrensburg, MO

Delete requests[edit]

Delete requests, for or against, which I participated in or initiated.


My Friends in Wikipedia




My sandbox

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