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Hi. Myself Dr. Abhijeet. I am interested in science related articles in general and medicine & clinical research related articles in particular. I am interested in editing articles related to inspiring personalities as well.

Mr. Narendra Naidu (Naidu Sir) is my friend - guide - philosopher who is a very inspiring personality. I must mention his name while writing introduction about me because if you can find some good qualities in me, be assured that many of them are because of him.

I got inspired to edit Wikipedia by user AshLin. I really like his nature and his way of explaining things.

I find this article about Ayurveda a very balanced article I have read so far in my life!

That's all about me for now. To know more about me or to contact me, please contact me on my Facebook page. Thanks.

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Articles created by me[edit]

  1. Ashok Vaidya
  2. Nirman
  3. Concept note
  4. R S Wadia
  5. Medical aesthetics
  6. Symbiosis Center of Health Care
  7. Kumar Ketkar
  8. Himmatrao Bawaskar
  10. Vivek Sawant
  11. Breath Counter
  12. Nata Menabde
  13. Drugs Controller General of India
  14. Rajiv Laxman
  15. Symbiosis School of Biomedical Sciences
  16. Jitendra Joshi (Marathi actor)
  17. Vikas Amte
  18. Nanda Khare
  19. Anjali Pawar
  20. Avinash Pol
  21. Vijaya lawate
  22. Vijay Sardeshmukh
  23. Vivek Velankar
  24. Vijay Kumbhar
  25. Anil Bokil
  26. Ravindra Ghooi

I plan to create following articles[edit]

  1. Clinical research in India
  2. Signature Track
  3. Anjan Dey
  4. Schedule Y amendments
  5. Arthkranti
  6. Drug Price Control Order
  7. Health Outcome
  8. Health measurement
  9. Data narratives
  10. National Health Policy of India

Material to be added[edit]

proposed Bill on Biomedical Research on Human Participants(Promotion and Regulation)

I plan to contribute for following articles[edit]

  1. Anil Awachat
  2. Prasoon Joshi
  3. Kailash Kher
  4. Raghu Ram

Material to be added[edit]

  • neyman fallacy
  • Hard coded date format

Things I plan to read[edit]

  2. Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Lead section
  6. Wikipedia:Verifiability, not truth

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