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Hi, I am Abhilash. I currently study in College of Engineering, Pune. I am a beginner, a novice in wikipedia and I want to contribute Wikipedia in various articles, primarily on computer science, programming, football, cricket, and I also working in improving the marathi wikipedia. I love heavy metal music. If you are going to start a new wikiproject, I'd love to contribute. Follow me on Twitter and I'll follow you back. Regards.

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I got a barnstar for contributing 2 successful articles to wikipedia asian month!! Thank you AddisWang!!

Asia medal.svg The Asian Month Barnstar
Thanks for your great contribution in Wikipedia Asian Month 2015! AddisWang (talk) 14:27, 17 December 2015 (UTC)

Articles which I created[edit]

COEP Regatta

Prabhat Kids School

Vitthal Wagh

Adille Sumariwalla

Arun Pudur

Read (Unix)

Articles which I didn't create properly and were deleted[edit]

1833 AD (band)

Himanshu Joshi

Articles which I edited a lot[edit]

Gajanan Maharaj

Software I use[edit]

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Bands which I love[edit]

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