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My name is Aboluay and I am a Canadian from Lebanese descents. I believe in challenging the obvious to reach higher knowledge. I prefer pragmatic stand over logic. I defend your right to disagree with me in opinion, beliefs and choices. Otherwise, let's enjoy a tasty phillysteak together. (Offer is not valid now... I am on a diet :) let's try leaves of lettuce!)

About me[edit]

  • I challenge the obvious to reach a better understanding.
  • I prefer pragmatism over traditionalism
  • I believe in the rights of others to disagree with me in opinion, beliefs, values and choices. I struggle peacefully to keep these rights applicable.
  • I am proud that I change my opinion when I find a better one. Never surrender your right to convince me as long as you are wise, funny and light hearted.
  • I do not respect the beliefs of other only, I sincerely believe in what they believe.
  • I strive to learn and share... and to help others to discover their full potential to grow.
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My places[edit]

Places I lived in[edit]

 Lebanon  Saudi Arabia  Bahrain  Dubai  Abu Dhabi  Sharjah  Canada  Toronto
 Australia  Ontario  Quebec  Ottawa  Montreal  Alberta  Fort McMurray Edmonton

Places I visited[edit]

 Qatar  Singapore  France  Turkey  Kuwait  North Carolina
 Philadelphia  New York  Boston  Virginia  Maryland  Connecticut
 Bulgaria  Jordan  Syria  Thailand  California  Hawaii

Places I passed by[edit]

United Kingdom London  Mumbai  Honk Kong