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This is my user page. I use it to keep track of things. Please do not leave messages for me here. Leave any messages for me here instead. I will try to respond, but if you are uncivil, rude, or just plain annoying then I may not. Thank you.

About me[edit]

I am an attorney practicing in the Portland metro area at Stevens & Legal where I focus on personal injury (car accidents, bike accidents, trip and fall), employment law (discrimination, paychecks), business services (company formation, dissolution, intellectual property). Prior to this, I worked for nearly five years at Liberty Mutual, as well as some solo practitioner work focused on business services such as entity registration and formation. In law school at Willamette Law in Salem I worked for Willamette Law Online and studied a wide variety of law including torts, contracts, employment law, and intellectual property rights. I graduated from Willamette in 2009.

Hilhi graduate (1994), OSU graduate (1997), plus some graduate work at both OSU and Portland State University. I have lived in Hillsboro/Aloha area, Seattle, Sheridan, the great metropolis of Wilsonville, and then back to H-town. Member of Phi Alpha Theta, way back a member of NJHS, earned my Eagle Scout, in HS wrestled; currently enjoy napping, sports, sleeping, running, resting, and the NY Yankees. Father of Ayaka and Kayla.


My Thoughts

My views on Wikipedia:

  • AFD: Being a Deletionist or Inclusionist is inappropriate. In my opinion being either is a violation of the neutral point of view and an assumption of bad faith. Each editor that thinks about deleting another article or participants in the AFD process needs to enter either with an open heart and an open mind, and then apply the relevant Wikipedia guidelines/policies to the individual articles. Otherwise your bias can get in the way of making a sound decision based on the current policies.
  • Policies: They are not perfect and never will be. The only proper way to change them is to take any policy argument to that policy’s talk page. And then, if the community decides a policy needs to change, it needs to be brought up much like the Foundation Elections and not be left to the couple hundred people who happen upon the relevant discussion at just the right time.
  • Consensus: I’ve been told by an admin that consensus can be wrong. I know, but unlike that admin I realize that consensus can be wrong. Yes, that is what I said, but think about the meaning when someone applies previous consensus to a new consensus, which one is wrong? Consensus can be wrong in the current argument, as in everyone says an article should be deleted for failure to meet WP:BIO, but previous consensus says it should not be deleted. Well the previous consensus can be wrong too.
    • Neither a substitution of the community’s voice (i.e. vote counting in a call for consensus) by an admin nor actual vote counting is truly consensus. Consensus is about trying to get an agreement, and unfortunately vote counting is the only tangible and objective way to measure this. Admins substituting their opinion for the community in a specific area is certainly not consensus. Otherwise, technically since “consensus” can be wrong there could never be a change in policies, since stare decisis would apply and all future shifts in opinion could never be implemented, as excluded from not conforming to the original consensus. Not to mention in the specific case of AFD where unless there is consensus in that discussion then it is supposed to be status quo. At least that’s what it says at Wikipedia:Deletion policy: “...pages are deleted by an administrator if there is consensus to do so. If there is no consensus, the page is kept...”
  • Conflict of Interest: “A Wikipedia conflict of interest (COI) is an incompatibility between the purpose of Wikipedia to produce a neutral, verifiable encyclopedia, and the potential motivations of an individual editor.” It’s really as simple as the first sentence. Some people only think it applies to the mainspace, some people only think it applies when you work for company X and are trying to promote company X by editing the article on company X, or it doesn’t apply if I edit and proclaim the bias. That’s entirely missing the point. When an editor’s potential motivations can lead to the incompatibility of producing a neutral encyclopedia then there is a conflict of interest. Then, as the guideline says, the editor should announce their conflict and can still edit. But, the conflict remains, it does not magically vanish, which is why it is best to refrain from editing articles where that incompatibility exists. Even though an editor may promise to edit in a neutral tone, all I have to say is that Bush I said “no new taxes” and we all know how that turned out. Is it really that important to you to edit those articles? If it is, then again your motivation for editing on Wikipedia is the wrong motivation. Editing is about building the web and writing the best encyclopedia, not about getting your message out, whether that message is promoting your community’s history, letting people know about library or archival resources on a topic at the place where you work, adding information to an article to put the subject in a negative light because you dislike the subject, or for promoting any other personal agenda.
  • Put more simply: I you are editing a Wikipedia article in order to affect the real world, you have a COI.
  • Wikipedia is not the Real World: A common problem new editors encounter is the vast array of rules and procedures that rival the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. They are many and it can be difficult to keep track of all of them. Plus some are policy, some are guidelines, and some are mere suggestions. All in all, unless you have been around awhile, its difficult to maneuver and even more difficult to make your point. Related to this is that new editors want to import notions from the real world into Wikipedia. For instance style guidelines they are use to, or ownership of the article they just wrote. In theory, this would be great. But in reality, Wikipedia is not the Real World and editors need to leave those notions at the proverbial door.
  • The problem with bringing in your own sense of style or rules, is that there are hundreds of cultures and styles out there and we can not possible integrate them all. Wikipedia is the Borg and will assimilate your content into Wikipedia as an article that follows Wikipedia’s Manual of Style and other content guidelines and generally accepted practices. This is for the good of the collective. I and other editors may not support the policy or guideline at issue and may not follow it in the real world, but for the good of Wikipedia, we follow it here to provide uniformity. In the real world, I do not support murderers or White Supremacists, but we do not censor Wikipedia as that leads down a slippery slope of discrimination based on currently disfavored groups. In the real world I am fine with and often write only one or two sentence paragraphs, but no article will make it through GA or FA with this type of paragraph structure. These policies and guidelines are in the best interest of the project and I assume they are well reasoned and have a purpose. If they were not well reasoned, I would assume they would be degraded by now and discarded.
  • Related to this are notions of notability. In the real world, notability comes down to have I heard about the topic. That cannot work on a world-wide project. As the voting for deletion would boil down to I’ve heard of it, and I haven’t, which would likely lead to an encyclopedia of only 1000 articles where the topic has attained world-wide recognition. How many editors in Greece know all the US Presidents, and why would they need to? The notability guidelines serve two main purposes. First, as each requires the use of sources to demonstrate the notability (something the vast majority of editors fail to read, not to mention WP:V is a core policy) it works as a screening function to prevent made up items that have been part of the Criticisms of Wikipedia. We really do not need more black eyes. The second part is to great a level playing field for determining what is notable in a more objective and quantifiable format, WP:RS. Part of the process will always be subjective, but if you require the subject to be mentioned in reliable sources at a certain level you set a standard that all articles can be held to fairly. It also, as the guidelines hint at, guarantees the topic has actually been worthy of note, since a “respected” publication has actually noticed the subject and taken the time to write about it. The only real problem I see is that people misconstrue some of the exceptions and fail to recognize that it is notability, not world-wide notability. For instance people will claim the sources are only local or regional. So what? That only means it is notable locally or regionally, which again notability is notability and not world-wide notability. Or the most used exception for deleting articles about people seems to be the “notable for only one event” that people misinterpret to mean people have to have done two notable things to be included. Most people are only notable for one thing (Babe Ruth was only notable for being a baseball player), the one event rule is to prevent someone who literally has been mentioned for only one item and only in one or two reliable sources. Think the person who kills a family of four in a DUI accident. Now, if the story makes the national wire services or becomes a world-wide news story, that is pretty notable, despite it being for only one event. Hurricane Katrina (not a person so not subject to the “rule”) was only one event, but that is a pretty notable subject.


Write stuff, make other stuff better. Hit 500 articles started, 200 DYKs, 50 GAs, 5 FAs by 2010.

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Wallace P. Carson, Jr. @ Paul De Muniz @ John B. Waldo @ Thomas Tongue @ William P. Bryant @
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Martin L. Pipes @ Gordon Sloan @ Oregon Supreme Court Building @ Jesse Quinn Thornton @ Edward H. Howell @
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List of Oregon judges @ Oregon Judicial Department @ Ralph M. Holman @ Edward N. Fadeley @ William M. McAllister @
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Tualatin Plains Presbyterian Church @ Imbrie Farm @ Pioneer Hall @ Travelers Home @ Capitol Center @
Washington County Jail @ Sovereign Hotel @ Solomon U.S. Courthouse @ Portland City Hall @ Zula Linklater House @
Alvin T. Smith House @ Central Library @ Charles Shorey House @ Edward Schulmerich House @ Minthorn Hall @
Manning–Kamna Farm @ Dundee Lodge @ Rice-Gates House @ Waldschmidt Hall @ Lone Fir Cemetery @

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Tanasbourne @ Tualatin Valley Junior Academy @ Parr Lumber @ Thomas Garrigus @ Samuel B. Huston @
Cornelius Pass Road @ Benjamin P. Cornelius @ Charles T. Tozier @ Albert E. Tozier @ Venetian Theatre @
Joseph C. Hare @ Pacific University Health Professions Campus @ *Miriam Sakewitz @ Bagley Park @ Rood Bridge Park @
Hillsboro Stadium @ Glenn & Viola Walters Cultural Arts Center @ David Hill @ Magnolia Park @ William G. Hare @
Reedville Creek Park @ List of people from Hillsboro, Oregon @ Hillsboro Police Department @ Shute Park @ Hillsboro Argus @
Hillsboro Public Library @ Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals @ Hillsboro Civic Center @ Hondo Dog Park @ Hare Field @
Hillsboro Pioneer Cemetery @ Hillsboro wireless tower @ Bruce Starr @ Noble Woods Park‎ @ Tuality Healthcare @
Tuality Community Hospital @ Jackson Bottom Wetlands Preserve @ Lansing Stout @ Fern Hobbs @ William D. Hare @
D. O. Quick @ The Reserve Vineyards & Golf Club @ Oregon International Airshow @ West Union, Oregon @ John Smith Griffin @
Mary Ramsey Wood @ Washington County Courthouse @ George W. Ebbert @ Oak Knoll Winery @ Peggy Y. Fowler @
Larry George @ Meriwether National Golf Course @ Charles Starr @ Glencoe, Oregon @ Tualatin Plains @
Tom Hughes @ Edward Schulmerich @ Daniel Gault @ Hamby Park @ Harry V. Gates @
Faith Bible High School @ Beyond Words Publishing @ Oregon PHL/DEQ Laboratories @ Shirley Huffman @ Rick Dancer @
Oregon Chorale @ City View Charter School @ Binford & Mort @ Gordon Faber @ Jeannette Hamby @
Heritage Christian School @ Hillsboro Artists' Regional Theatre @ Norm Thompson Outfitters @ Chief Kno–Tah @ Turner Creek Park @
Orchard Park @ Hillsboro Symphony Orchestra @ Bag & Baggage Productions @ Phoseon Technology @ ClearEdge Power @
William H. Wehrung @ List of mayors of Hillsboro, Oregon @ Kaiser Westside Medical Center @ John W. Shute @ Rodolph Crandall @
Sunset Esplanade @ Hillsboro Intermodal Transit Facility @ Harry T. Bagley @ Acumed @ George R. Bagley @
Genevieve Bell @ Classic Aircraft Aviation Museum @ Bicentennial Park @ Orange Phelps @ Norm Winningstad @
Cascade Microtech @ Shute Park Aquatic & Recreation Center @ George W. Patterson @ Shawn Lindsay @ Shute Park Plaza @
Chuck Riley @ Orenco Station, Hillsboro, Oregon @ MathStar @ Hillsboro baseball stadium @ Hillsboro Tribune @
Colt Lyerla @ Eid Passport @ Walnut Street Park @ Kryptiq @ Sonrise Church @
Hillsboro Fire Department @ Oregon Mandolin Orchestra @ Judi Hofer @ Miller M. Duris @ 2013 Hillsboro Hops season

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Lincoln Center @ Star of Oregon (ship) @ Rikki Klieman @ Ellsworth Street Bridge @ Legacy Mount Hood Medical Center @
Waldo Hills @ Tonquin @ Narcissa Whitman @ Sheridan Bridge @ Santiam Hospital @
Reedville, Oregon @ Loriot @ William A. Barton @ Main Street Bridge @ Columbia Memorial Hospital @
Shipley, Oregon @ Hope (ship) @ Bruce Botelho @ Wilsonville railroad bridge @ West Valley Hospital @
Olallie Scenic Area @ Adventure (ship) @ Tabitha Brown @ Van Buren Street Bridge @ Randall Children's Hospital at Legacy Emanuel @

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Willamette Trading Post @ Champoeg Meetings @ Gray Sails the Columbia River Pugets Sound Agricultural Company @
Alanson Beers @ Oregon Pioneer History Fort William (Oregon) @ Willamette Cattle Company @
Star of Oregon (event) @ Holmes v. Ford @ Ewing Young @ William S. Ladd @
G.I. Joe's @ John Minto (Oregon pioneer) @ Robert Moore (Oregon pioneer) @ William J. Bailey @
Fort Yamhill @ Fort Dalles @ Oregon Rangers @ Joseph Ingraham @
Nathaniel Ford @ Joseph Gervais @ Provisional Government of Oregon @ William Waldo @
Precision Castparts Corp. @ StanCorp Financial Group, Inc. @ Amory Holbrook @ Oregon Steel Mills, Inc. @
Eastmoreland Hospital @ Woodland Park Hospital @ Pumpkin Ridge Golf Club @ Oregon Korean War Memorial @
River View Cemetery @ Tuality Forest Grove Hospital @ Federal Correctional Institution Sheridan @ David Leslie @
Mary Leonard @ Washington County Museum @ The Sun @ Michael W. Mosman @
University of Oregon School of Law @ Hill Military Academy @ Oregon Route 18 Business @ Saddle Mountain @
Hares Canyon @ Provisional Legislature of Oregon @ Gustavus Hines @ L.L. "Stub" Stewart Memorial State Park @
South Saddle Mountain @ Oregon Constitutional Convention @ Oregon Historical Society Museum @ Northern Oregon Coast Range @
Rogers Peak @ Central Oregon Coast Range @ Trask Mountain @ Wallowa Lake Tramway @
Hiram Straight @ Oregon Pioneer @ Historic ferries in Oregon @ Oregon Territorial Legislature @
Albert E. Wilson @ James Alger Fee @ Yasui v. United States @ Southern Oregon Coast Range @
Thomas J. Hubbard @ Lithia Motors, Inc. @ Schnitzer Steel Industries, Inc. @ Daniel Waldo @
Merix Corporation @ Willamette Industries, Inc. @ Webley John Hauxhurst @ William A. Slacum @
Owyhee Dam @ Bishop Scott Academy @ History of Oregon State University @ Organic Laws of Oregon @
Wilsonville Station @ Tigard Transit Center Station @ Hall/Nimbus Station @ Tualatin Station @
O. H. Hinsdale Wave Research Laboratory @ Speakers of the Oregon House @ Presidents of the Oregon Senate @ American Advertising Museum @
Elton Watkins @ Les Schwab Tire Centers @ George LeBreton @ Pleasant M. Armstrong @
Asahel Bush @ Bald Peak State Scenic Viewpoint‎ @ Otto Richard Skopil, Jr.‎ @ John Hugh McNary @
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List of electricity generating facilities in Oregon Ki-a-Kuts Falls @ Stan Bunn @ Tom Bunn @
Michel Laframboise @ Willamette Falls Hospital @ Dilley, Oregon @ Alvin T. Smith @
Wilsonville Memorial Park @ Prewitt-Allen Archaeological Museum @ Joseph K. Gill @ Alonzo Gesner @
Charles B. Moores @ Providence Newberg Medical Center @ The Beacon @ Roaring River Wilderness @
Darleen Ortega @ Hal E. Hoss @ Edward D. Hamilton @ Lucien Heath @
Banfield (pet hospitals) @ Philip Leget Edwards @ Frederick Waymire @ Felix Hathaway @
Thomas B. Kay @ Peter G. Stewart @ Town Center Park @ Green-Wyatt building @
David Thomas Lenox @ Bald Peak One Main Place @ Sheridan School District @
Levi L. Rowland @ Sylvester C. Simpson @ Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District @ List of people from Eugene, Oregon
North Pacific College @ Portland International Auto Show Standard Plaza @ Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center @
Galena Biopharma @ Wallace Turner @ The Pacific Index @ Sherrie Sprenger @
OHSU Hospital College of Osteopathic Medicine of the Pacific, Northwest @ Willamette Valley Medical Center @ Jason Lee @
Oregon State Bar @ Loyal B. Stearns @ Francis A. Chenoweth @ Charles S. Moore @
Ralph Carey Geer @ Winlock W. Steiwer @ Peter J. Stadelman @ David Logan @
Augustus C. Kinney @ Robert Crouch Kinney @ Jensen Arctic Museum @ Cooper Mountain Nature Park @
Kaiser Sunnyside Medical Center @ Henry A. G. Lee @ Levi Scott @ NW Natural @
Nike Global Challenge @ Salem Senators @ Forest Grove Leader @ News-Times (Forest Grove) @
Ridgeview High School @ Morton M. McCarver @ Pietro's Pizzas @ PeaceHealth @
Heritage Mall @ St. Anthony Hospital @ The Dalles Mint @ St. Charles Medical Center - Madras @
Providence Milwaukie Hospital @ Veterans Affairs Medical Center @ World Trade Center Portland @ Harl H. Haas, Jr. @
Robert V. Short @ Cornelius Public Library @ Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue @ Washington County Fire District 2 @
Sol Republic @ Sunset Speedway @ BendBroadband @ Oregon City College @
Ater Wynne @ Hoffman Construction Company @ 400 SW Sixth Avenue @ Forest Grove Fire and Rescue @
List of libraries in Oregon Paul G. Risser @ Westmoreland Park @ Pensole @
Wilsonville Public Library @ Beaverton Valley Times @ First & Main @ Graham Oaks Nature Park @

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Waller Hall @ Hallie Ford Museum of Art @ Willamette University School of Education @ Francis S. Hoyt @ Symeon C. Symeonides @
Oregon Institute @ Oregon Civic Justice Center @ Willamette University School of Medicine @ Eaton Hall @ Thomas Milton Gatch @
Alvin F. Waller @ Josiah Lamberson Parrish @ List of Willamette University alumni Gatke Hall @ Willamette Law Review @
Art Building @ Willamette Bearcats Mark O. Hatfield Library @ George G. Bingham @ Samuel T. Richardson @
Lausanne Hall @ Willamette Collegian @ Thomas Van Scoy @ Portland University @ George Whitaker @
Ford Hall @ Bert E. Haney @ Faith Ireland @ Caroline Duby Glassman @ John W. Reynolds @

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STAR radio @ Louis Arthur Grimes School of Law @ Johnnie Lewis @ Mount Coffee Hydropower Project @
Firestone Hydroelectric Project @ List of bridges in Liberia Saint John River @ Bodae District
Bokon District Jaedepo District Kulu Shaw Boe District Plahn Nyarn District
Sanquin District 1 Sanquin District 2 Sanquin District 3 Seekon District
Chedepo District Glaro District Karforh District Nanee District
Nyenawliken District Nyenebo District Potupo District Tuobo District
Bearwor District Norwein District Central RiverCess District Doedain District
Fen River District Jo River District Sam Gbalor District Zartlahn District
Boe & Quilla District Buu-Yao District Doe District Garr Bain District
Gbi & Doru District Gbor District Kparblee District Leewehpea-Mahn District
Meinpea-Mahn District Sanniqquellie-Mahn District Twan River District Wee-Gbehy-Mahn District
Yarmein District Yarpea Mahn District Zoe-Gbao District Wedjah District
Sarbo District List of Liberian national forests @ Stella Maris Polytechnic @ African Methodist Episcopal University @


Wikification Project[edit]

@ - Articles marked with a @ symbol have completed the AM Wikification Project. This is my effort to clean-up my early articles to better conform with the WP:MOS. Items include standardizing references, expanding references, section management, lead improvements, copy editing, and occasionally additional researching.

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  • Total articles started: 591


  • Symbol question.svg DYKs from articles I started/expanded: (288)