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Communication on my Talk Page greatly encouraged.

About me[edit]

I work slowly. I do not edit my field of expertise because I'm a little too close to that and it probably will lead to POV editing and needless conflicts. To avoid this, I edit my side-interests primarily. These change regularly, but right now are West African history, turn of century baseball, and places I am visiting soon. Took a break from January 2015 until June 2016, I highly recommend it.

Some articles I edited[edit]

AFD Thoughts[edit]

Since I weigh in on a few AFDs, figured I'd be transparent about my process:

  • I do not read the article in question at first. I think this is sometimes misleading and so I start with a search in a couple of databases to see if I can ascertain notability through the results in them.
  • Then I read the discussion and follow any evidence presented for keep or delete.
  • Then I read the article and see where that leads me.
  • Finally, I give it a best vote. My general rule of thumb is: A topic is probably not notable if a Wikipedia stub/start class article would be the best thing written about the topic. This is a helpful way to figure out if a topic has significant coverage or simply marginal mentions. This is imperfect and I won't be 100% faithful to it, but it is just sorta my guide.
  • I follow all AfD discussions in which I participate and will gladly change votes based on other ideas later presented. I might even flip back.
  • Philosophically, I'm probably closer to an inclusionist, but who thinks that depth is preferable to breadth while including as much information as possible. So, that leads me towards being a deletionist, I guess. I couldn't care less about these.