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About "Abuabara"[edit]

Alexander Abuabara, October 24, 2018. Photo by John Peters at Texas A&M University.

Name: Alexander Abuabara

Title: Ph.D. student in Urban and Regional Planning

Residence: College Station, Texas (on the Brazos County)



At Wikipedia since: February 3, 2008

Areas of knowledge and interests[edit]

I would like to contribute to improving the Wikipedia project through minor corrections as well as my own articles.

My areas of interest are not limited to urban science - all scientific topics are of interest to me.

In the list of my user contributions are all the changes that I have made on the pages of Wikipedia so far. Although in some cases it is just the correction of minor errors, I think that overall it is still a win for Wikipedia.

My articles[edit]

My user contributions[edit]