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Welcome to my user page.


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I am a young American male graduate student, currently studying for a P.hD in political science at a university in California. I began editing Wikipedia in 2003 when I was still in high school. At first I concentrated almost exclusively on editing and creating articles about politicians throughout the United States and around the world, particularly focusing on recent history. After becoming an administrator in September 2004, I eventually began to be involved in reverting vandalism and New Pages patrol. I have deleted over 10000 pages from Wikipedia that meet Wikipedia's criteria for speedy deletion. Throughout my time as an undergraduate college student (2005-2009), I continued to edit Wikipedia; gradually, my creation of new articles slowed down, and I began to concentrate more on anti-vandalism, particularly at WP:AIV. Since the beginning of 2008, my real life has been more busy and I am editing less frequently, but don't plan to quit completely. In addition to politics and history, I also sometimes edit on articles about music, literature and religion. As of 2009, I now have over 30000 edits.

Some of my strongest interests are the history of the Soviet Union (especially the Left Opposition and the Stalinist reaction against it), the United States Congress, and international relations.

I am almost totally blind since birth, and edit Wikipedia using the Job Access With Speech software. For this reason, formatting can sometimes be difficult for me, but other than that it does not make my participation here much different.