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I am a professional software engineer, but my main interests in Wikipedia are:

  • languages and linguistics; and
  • European music of the medieval and Renaissance periods (c. 800-1600).

I'm also liable to fiddle with science fiction-related articles, and tweak simple spelling, punctuation and grammatical mistakes in just about anything. See my list of contributions.

I'm in two minds about the gradings I've given myself in the Babel box. Wikipedia:Babel says that the numbering is "approximately analogous to the ILR scale" but the descriptions in the ILR scale article seem to focus on spoken language and breadth of usage, and on that basis I would probably feel obliged to mark myself down a notch on all but English. But in the formal, written context of Wikipedia, where I can take my time and only contribute to articles on subjects I actually know something about, I do considerably better.

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