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This user is one of the primary editors involved with WikiProject Kentucky. He is dedicated to fighting the idea that all Kentuckians are barefoot, toothless, and pregnant. He is similarly dedicated to fighting the idea that nothing exists in Kentucky outside the Golden Triangle region (Louisville, Lexington, and Northern Kentucky) of the Commonwealth. The truth is that Kentucky is a wonderfully unique mixture of Southern, Midwestern, and Appalachian culture, and there are a lot of decent people there. Like anywhere, there are also some boneheads.

This user's most prolific contribution to Wikipedia has been the Governors of Kentucky good topic, which contains 59 articles and a list. Shortly after the promotion of this topic in early 2011, I was asked to run for adminship, to which I consented. My RfA passed with 82 supports, 5 opposes, and 6 neutrals. I am 100% open to recall if I am found to be abusing or otherwise unworthy of the tools.


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