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en This user is a native speaker of English.
ja-0 この利用者は日本語分かりません
Male.svg This user is a male.
A This user is an adult.
X This user is a member of Generation X.
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sibs-0 This user is an only child on his/her mother's side.
Female.svgMale.svg This user identifies as straight.
LH ← This user is a southpaw.
CN This user's alignment is Chaotic Neutral: the "Free Spirit."
MeatSteakSmall.jpg This user is a carnivore.
con This user is conservative.
God This user believes in God.
Jesus at his computer.jpg This user believes Jesus is still relevant in modern times.
Ichthus.svg This user is interested in Christianity.
Religious symbols-4x4.svg This user believes the world is a happier, safer and saner place because of religion.
Ball This user believes GOD saves everyone - including YOU!


Christian cross.svg This user believes that Evolution and Christianity are mutually supportive. Charles Darwin.jpg
Female.svg This male user supports feminism.

User:UBX/LGBTinterest not

Pierre-Auguste Renoir 072.jpg This user considers red hair to be attractive.
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Texas state capitol 1.jpg This user lives in or hails from Austin.
Sagittarius This user is a Sagittarius.
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This user does not smoke.
XXX This user is Straight Edge.
Wikipe-tan head.png This user is an inactive participant of WikiProject Anime and Manga.
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WikiProject Video games.
漫画 This user is a manga otaku.
User-Ich with Mohawk.jpg This user enjoys punk rock.
This user knows it's a
dirty job, but someone's gotta do it.
? This user doesn't know Whose Line It Is.
Clerks This user believes nothing can kill the Grimace.
300 Tonight this user dines in hell!
SS2 This user remembers Citadel.
Ankh.png This user is interested in ancient civilizations.
TerracottaOfficer.jpg This user is interested in Chinese history.
Tokugawa Ieyasu2.JPG This user is interested in Japanese history.
Injeongjeon (exterior), Changdeokgung - Seoul, Korea.JPG
This user is interested in the History of Korea.
Here comes rain again.jpg This user loves rainy days.
Carcassonne Miples.jpg This user has a thing for meeple.
Hexagon.svg This user settled Catan.

Extensive profiles don't make you a good editor, but I have one anyway :3

私は現在日本語学習して、読み取りおよび書き込み~! (watashi ha gen zai ni hon go gaku shuu shi te, yomitori oyobi kakikomi) I am currently learning to read and write Japanese!