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Hospitality and Tourism Management[edit]

Hospitality and tourism management (HTM) is the study of the hospitality industry and the tourism system. This degree can be earned at a university that offers the program or at a university college specific designed for studying and researching HTM. Degrees in HTM can also be referred to having degrees in hospitality management, hotel management, or hotel administration and can be conferred in degrees such as BA, Bachelor of Business Administration, BS, MS, MBA, and PhD. Hospitality management covers hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, amusement parks, destination marketing organizations, convention centers, and country clubs. This field requires managers or higher-up positions to be very professional. An HTM major must be friendly, professional, mature, welcoming, and must know how to handle situations under pressure. An HTM major must also realize that the customer is always right. Many people will be happy, upset, or disgruntled by a manager's work. Under HTM, students learn how to handle these situations and respond accordingly.

Top schools to study HTM[edit]

  • Boston University in Boston, Massachusetts - This university is located in an intellectually stimulating city and is said to have one of the top hospitality administrations and programs. Requiring not only their HTM courses to graduate, students MUST experience a trip abroad. They offer many HTM-related clubs and activities, designed for HTM students to socialize with other people looking to be in the same field.[1]
  • Cornell University in Ithaca, New York - Located in New York, this university offers a top undergraduate and graduate program, as well as an executive education program for professionals and managers. It's school of hospitality administration is an independent academic college part of Cornell, so it's primary focus is to shape its students into top-of-the-market managers. [2]
  • George Washington University in Washington, DC - Located in the heart of D.C., George Washington has students take a bit of a different approach when it comes to what path they should take. This university, under its hospitality administration schools, offers a BS in hospitality management, a master of tourism administration, a master of business administration, and also, a Ph.D in business administration. [3]
  • Johnson and Wales in Providence, Rhode Island - Johnson and Wales encourages early on hands-on experience under its hospitality college. It shapes its students into people who want to succeed in the fastest growing industries. The students who attend Johnson and Wales build integrity, management skills, and experience the world. Located in the smallest state, it has built itself a great reputation in the hospitality world. [4]
  • Michigan State University in East Lansing, Michigan - Under the name "The School of Hospitality Business", Michigan State's program is unique because of its Big Ten reputation and size and how industry-specified it is. The school shapes its students with a sturdy hospitality business foundation and various opportunities to test career choices and develop leadership skills. [5]
  • Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio - Ohio State's hospitality program prepares its students for entry-level professional management positions post-graduation. It offers many extra-curricular HTM-related activities for students to explore and gain more experience. Since the hospitality industry is in such high demand for graduate students in HTM, Ohio State strives to produce top-of-the-line managers. [6]
  • Pennsylvania State University in University Park, PA - Considered to be home to one of the most prestigious hospitality programs in the nation, Penn State requires students to complete hospitality courses, research, and they even have career centers available. Penn State, located in Philadelphia, it is surrounded by city and sights - the perfect surrounding for hospitality. [7]
  • Purdue University in West Lafayette, IN - Considered to be the fourth best HTM program in the nation, Purdue's HTM program offers a learning community for incoming freshmen in HTM, a large amount of HTM groups, including event planning club and a marketing club, and a building and a hotel on campus dedicated to helping HTM students build their credibility, knowledge, and experience. Purdue offers an undergraduate and graduate program. Purdue ensures that students are getting a top-notch education on HTM. [8]
  • University of Denver in Denver, Colorado - The Fritz Knoebel School of Hospitality Management (Knoebel) at this university offers a bachelors of science in business administration (BSBA) in hospitality management and a BSBA minor in tourism. Undergraduates pursuing a hospitality management major the option to choose a concentration for specialized training. The curriculum gives you a solid foundation in business and then builds on it with specialized courses in hospitality management for students to take. [9]
  • University of Las Vegas, Nevada in Las Vegas, NV - The college of hotel administration is adding a new building to its campus for hotel studies. It offers hospitality classes and internships to train students for the quickly-growing HTM field. Since Las Vegas is largely a casino-filled city, it also exposes its students to the world of running a casino. [10] [11]


In the United States, hospitality and tourism management curriculum follow similar core subject applications to that of a business degree, but with a focus on hospitality management. Core subject areas include accounting, administration, finance, information systems, marketing, human resource management, public relations, strategy, quantitative methods, and sectoral studies in the various areas of hospitality business.

General classes that must be taken are classes such as different fields of accounting classes and classes on sanitation and health in the food-related field of HTM, how to run a hotel effectively and profitably, and how the tourism system runs, is connected, and stays profitable. These classes also focus on how to be an effective manager, with skills of excellent communication, a positive attitude, and the ability to take responsibility for any employee’s mistakes or misunderstandings.

Graduate degrees[edit]

Many students graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in HTM, but however, many schools offer graduate school programs in HTM. Going to grad school, you can achieve either a Master’s degree or even a PhD. If interested in going, there are many websites that give listings of schools that offer top-notch grad school programs for continued education. Schools such as, Plymouth University, Temple University Graduate School, University of Toledo, and much more offer this continued education and indicate whether they have a Master’s program or a Doctorate program. Several large corporations involved with the hospitality industry, and management companies offer internship programs, management training programs, and direct placements into all sort of operational, non-operational departments of hospitality and tourism sector for students majoring in Hospitality and Tourism Management.


Since HTM is so broad, people looking to switch careers or current HTM majors can find themselves in many different areas. In 2012, the HTM field had over 50,000 jobs. It honestly only requires a high school diploma, but it is best to graduate with a degree in it so then graduates can move straight into managerial positions. [12]

There is -

  • Food and Beverage Department- Managers work throughout the nation in catering companies, hotels, restaurants, and anywhere else food is served.
  • Human Resources - A human resource manager is responsible for all duties revolving around employees, which includes paychecks, benefits, insurance, hiring, firing, and conflict resolution.
  • Lodging Management - Includes hotels, motels, resorts, and any other property that provides lodging to travelers. Managers run daily operations and make sure the operations are run smoothly.
  • Casino Management - Jobs in casino management are limited to areas of the United States, where gambling is legal. This can limit the jobs in your area for employment, but casino management can be one of the most lucrative positions in the hospitality field.
  • Travel and Tourism Management - this field includes travel agents, cruise directors, sales managers, and tour managers. [13]


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